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newstrizhki.ru Mission Statement

You may be asking yourself why in the world would an adult site have a mission statement. Well newstrizhki.ru isn't your average adult site. We have a very clear mission and we stick to it.

newstrizhki.ru exists for one simple reason. The number of poor quality adult films in the market out numbers the good. It is also an industry where you absolutely can not 'judge a book by its cover' so we at newstrizhki.ru watch the bad porn so you won't have to. We sift through the choices out there and help you find the ones worth your time and money.

To that end we bring you reviews, news, interviews, blogs, columns, a porn news wire and a forum. We do this to help you find the best of what you are looking for.

newstrizhki.ru is not a gossip site. We don't aspire to be industry insiders. Our focus is on you the consumer and your needs. We also are not a trade publication and not focused on industry info that doesn't relate to consumers.

We at newstrizhki.ru pledge to fairly and honestly review adult films, always clearly state our biases and preferences and judge each film individually and completely. This means our reviewers actually sit and completely watch the films they review. Also our reviewers are completely independent. Not only are they not influenced by advertising on the site, they don't even know who does or doesn't advertise on the site.

Also at newstrizhki.ru, we believe adult entertainment is an art form, so we will assess a film both on the sexual content and based on the craft that went into making the film including evaluating the director.

Our forum is a place for adults to have intelligent and civil discussions about adult entertainment. We will strive to make this a safe and friendly environment for people to express themselves without fear of being ridiculed or personally attacked.

We strive towards excellence and will always act swiftly to correct any mistakes we may make, encouraging readers to let us know when we drop the ball. Most importantly we are here to help you. So our digital door is always open and we actively encourage you to share your thoughts both positive and negative about what we are doing. So emails to our editor editor@xcritic.com. will get a personal reply.

This is our mission and we appreciate you helping us reach it.

Here is our complete contact info.

Email: editor@xcritic.com.
Phone: (503) 977-2928
Mailing Address:

And our Current Staff
- Chris Thorne, Editor.

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