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Hot Nights Cold Blood

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 8/11/19

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Genre: Feature


Cast: Abigail Mac, Nicolette Shea, Anny Aurora, Danny D, Jay Snake

Directors: Danny D and Dick Bush

Release Date: April 23, 2019

Length: 2 hrs. 29 min.

Condoms: None

Extras: Photo Gallery


Overview: Abigail Mac goes from cocktail waitress to stripper when she starts an affair with club owner Danny D in Hot Nights Cold Blood on Digital Playground. Danny also has ties to the mob, and when his wife Nicolette Shea becomes aware of the tryst, she works on a revenge scheme with his friend and fellow gangster Jay Snake. But when Jay betrays her she brings Abigail in on her plan. Will good girl Abigail be able to do the worst deed imaginable? That's the question in Danny D's noir film that looks good with some nice performances, but ultimately falls flat.


Scene One: Abigail Mac and Danny D


It's after hours at the strip club Abigail waitresses and she and her boyfriend are fighting in the back alley. When things start to turn physical club owner Danny runs in and chases the boyfriend off. He tells Abigail she has a good look and should think about dancing, and brings her to his office for an audition. As the music plays she grinds and wriggles on Danny's lap, he clothes dropping off piece by piece. Once she's completely naked Danny takes her to his desk and goes down between her legs. He eats her pussy for a little bit, just enough to get it wet enough for his cock as he fucks her missionary on his desk. He pounds her pussy making her cum twice, sucking up her juices from her pussy before Abigail cleans his cock with her mouth in a decent enough POV shot. She then sits ass up in a chair and Danny eats her ass out before sticking his dick in and fucking her from behind. After making her cum again with his huge club they go to the couch where Abigail climbs up and rides him cowgirl.


They both take turns fucking each other, Danny pounding her from underneath and then Abigail grinding and sliding her pussy up and down on his cock to another orgasm. She sucks her juices off again and titty fucks him a little bit before she lays on her side and they spoon. Danny slides his monster cock in and out of Abigail's pussy from behind before getting on one knee and t-boning her, his thrusts making her cum again. She sucks him again before climbing back up and riding him reverse cowgirl. She slides her pussy up and down his pole taking it in all the way in balls deep resulting in another orgasm. They then take it back to the desk where Danny fucks Abigail missionary one more time before pulling out and showering her with jizz, covering her belly and tits. Little do they know that Danny's wife Nicolette Shea walked in on them in the act, making her plot her own revenge scheme.


Scene Two: Nicolette Shea and Jay Snake


Nicolette is in Danny's office where she devises a plan to kill him with his friend Jay Snake. When Jay starts getting cold feet and threatens to back out, Nicolette tries to convince him to stay on by showing him her tits and dropping her panties before dropping to her knees and taking his cock in her mouth. Jay falls back in a chair and Nicolette deep throats him, taking his cock all the way to the back of her mouth. She fucks him with both her mouth and her tits before standing up and taking it up her pussy. She rides his cock cowgirl, first reverse and then regular, bouncing and twerking her pussy on his cock, her amazing enormous ass quaking and jiggling with every pound. Jay then picks her up and holds her up as he fucks her pussy until she cums. He sets her down to suck his cock before she climbs up in a chair and Jay fucks her from behind. He slowly glides his cock in and out of her pussy, his momentum building and soon is pounding her pussy while Nicolette looks off camera for her direction. She then lifts her leg and Jay holds it up, fucking her ballerina style in the chair while she rubs her clit and cums on his cock. She then climbs up on the desk and pins her legs back while Jay fingerbangs her pussy before fucking her missionary. Jay then walks around and teabags Nicolette while he supposedly finger blasts her pussy. We can only assume it since we only see some juice dripping from her ass without ever seeing the actual squirt, just Nicolette's darting eyes as she cums. Very bad direction on Danny D's part here. Jay then sits back and Nicolette deep throats him, and then Nicolette sits back and Jay fingerbangs her while sucking on her clit.


They then fuck missionary again, Nicolette still holding her legs behind her head before we get a fairly decent behind shot of Jay dicking Nicolette's pussy. After she cums again Jay then pile drives her, teabagging her pussy to another orgasm. They then drop to the floor and start spooning, looking into each other's eyes as Jay pounds Nicolette's pussy. Nicolette then climbs up and rides Jay's cock, spitting on it to lube it while her pussy slides up and down. Jay rubs her pussy and gives her multiple orgasms as she bounces on his cock. She then climbs off and sucks her juices off before getting on all fours and Jay fucks her doggy style on the couch. She hikes one leg up and Jay t-bones her to one more orgasm before pulling out and stroking out a stream of cum on her face. Afterwards, Jay still bails on Nicolette leaving her to work out her plan on her own, but she comes up with another idea.


Scene Three: Anny Aurora and Jay Snake


Meanwhile, Abigail is killing it on the pole, becoming the club's top dancer. Nevertheless, Danny has turned his attention away from her to his latest employee, cute little Anny Aurora. Nicolette uses Abigail's jealousy to help her with her plan, but first, she wants to take out the backstabbing Jay. So she talks Abigail to convince Anny to take Jay into the VIP Room and REALLY earn some money. Anny takes him into the back and starts her show, grinding on his lap while he slowly peels her clothes off. Once she's naked we see Nicolette hiding around the corner and videotaping them. Anny sticks her ass up to Jay and fingers her asshole. Jay drops his pants and Anny proceeds to suck his cock. She gives him some truly fine head, getting his cock nice and hard, and ready for her to climb up and slide it up pussy. She slowly rides his cock, giving short little thrusts on the tip before Jay takes over and fucks her from underneath. She then starts bouncing on his cock which brings her to a screaming orgasm. Jay then picks her up and holds her as he fucks her pussy making her cum again. They then start fucking missionary on the bench before Jay takes the cushion and lays it on the floor for them to fuck on. As Jay slides his cock in and out of her, the very pretty Anny looks up at Jay with her long eyelashes while she rubs her clit. He then lays on his side and spoons her while she still rubs her clit, bringing her to another screaming orgasm. She then flips over onto all fours and Jay fucks her doggy style. With long smooth strokes, Jay slides his pole in and out, holding Anny's shoulders as he pounds her pussy.


She turns over and tells Jay to fuck her in the ass. Jay licks her pussy juices off before proceeding to slide his cock in butthole, Jay holding Anny's legs closed to make it tighter. She rubs her pussy while Jay pistons her ass making her cum. Jay then flips over and Anny lowers her asshole over Jay's cock, anally taking it all the way in while she masturbates her pussy. While holding her legs up Jay fucks her in the ass, pulling it out to see her gape before sliding it back in and fucking her some more while she rubs her pussy to another orgasm. They then lay on their sides and spoon again, this time Jay plowing Anny's asshole while she plays with her pussy bringing her to yet another screamer. He pulls out and Anny jerks on Jay's cock while he plays with her pussy before Anny goes back on all fours and Jays fucks her in the ass from behind. With her face buried in the carpet, there's a great shot of Jay as he plows her ass before pulling out and shooting his load on her face. Nicolette takes the video and shows it to Danny, infuriating him enough for him to take Jay into the back Alley and killing him.


Scene Four: Abigail Mac, Nicolette Shea and Danny D


It's Valentine's Day and Anny is on the under the watchful eye of Danny, much to the chagrin of the jealous Nicolette. After having it out with Danny she goes up onto the stage and steals Anny's thunder, and her tips. Nicolette then pulls Abigail up to join her, making the disgusted Anny storm off. Under a shower of bills Abigail and Nicolette give the audience an amazing show, however, when Abigail starts to eat Nicolette's pussy Danny puts an end to it by throwing everyone out. Danny starts to berate the two ladies, but Nicolette convinces him that they can make it a great Valentine's Day for him, starting with sucking his cock. She takes him in her mouth and both she and Abigail take turns giving him head. Nicolette then climbs off of the stage and sticks her ass up to Danny, to which Danny sticks his cock in her pussy and fucks her from behind. Abigail then lays down and spreads her legs for Nicolette who eats her out while Danny continues fucking her. As Abigail flips over for Nicolette to eat her ass Danny pounds her pussy and soon she's cumming on his cock. Abigail and Nicolette then switch places and Danny fucks Abigail ballerina style, holding her leg up while he t-bones her standing. Nicolette sticks her pussy up to her and Abigail buries her face in pussy while Danny fucks Abigail's thong. They take the action to one of the booths where the two ladies proceed to take turns giving Danny head. Abigail then climbs up and rides Danny cowgirl, bouncing her ass up and down on Danny's cock while Nicolette rubs his balls. She then climbs off and Nicolette switches with her, climbing up and riding his cock, her amazing ass bouncing on it. Abigail climbs onto the back of the seat for Nicolette to eat her pussy while she slides her pussy up and down Danny's cock until she cums.


She sucks her juices off of Danny's cock and then gets on all fours, Danny finger blasting her pussy from behind until she gushes a gallon of fluid while still eating Abigail. Danny then starts fucking her doggy style, pounding Nicolette's ass from behind until she cums. He then makes Abigail suck Nicolette's juices off of his cock before bending her over the cushion and fucking her from behind while she eats Nicolette's pussy. After Abigail and Nicolette both cum Danny sits down and Nicolette climbs up and rides him reverse cowgirl while Abigail licks his balls. She grinds and bounces her ass on Danny's cock, Abigail massaging her clit bringing her to another orgasm. The two ladies then sit next to each other, legs in the air and Danny going back and forth eating them out. He then starts dicking them, going back and forth and pumping about two or three strokes into each one. He fucks them this way until he finally pulls out and shoots a load of cum on their faces, the two ladies snowballing his jizz back and forth.


Final Thoughts: I'm going to stick with the positives and say this is a good looking film. The seedy strip club atmosphere is captured beautifully. And the women are gorgeous, each one of them being former dancers making them look very much at home during the well-shot dance sequences. It's just such a shame the rest of the movie is just so bland. While Danny D is a terrific swordsman, he just is not a good director. His sex scenes are just so rushed with no good pacing, with so many positions jammed into such little space that you lose interest after a few minutes. This film was co-directed by the legendary Dick Bush, who obviously directed scene three since it has such a different tone from the rest of the film. In that one, the performers take their time and deliver a simple and less chaotic scene from the rest of the film. Nicolette Shea just oozes sexiness with her incredibly gorgeous well-constructed body, and her sexual performance is terrific. Too bad she isn't that great an actress. Even Abigail Mac, who usually turns in great performances every time, seems bored with one. So bottom line, it has it's moments, but overall it's disappointing and really not worth adding to any library. Watch On Demand.

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