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Girls of Wrestling

Studio: Sweet Heart » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 8/8/19

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Pro Wrestling and Porn. They are two things that were just made to go together. There is so much they have in common. Now, to stay within the realm of fantasy I will simply say that this is a subject that is very near and dear to me in so many ways. To see an adult film director approach a film like this is massive, for there are many and I do mean many adult film fans who love wrestling. The cast in this film consists of all the most aggressive, yet stylish girl/girl stars in the business. To bring out stars like Ariel X and Brandi Mae means there will be authenticity to this creation in more ways than just rolling around on the mat. Every star from legend Nina Hartley, to legend in the making Charlotte Stokely are a showcase of the power of “lesbian” cinema. Each performer in the film packs a punch. This production has all the making for something entertaining but also, has the potential to receive a massive amount of alienation due to how raved pro wrestling fans are about the entertainment they love. Let’s see what Mr. Greenwood has in store for the viewers. This is either going to be massive in terms of award recognition or something that just reached too far. This kind of star power, you have the players to put on one hell of a show, that is for damn sure!


Film Duration: 2 Hours and 20 Minutes

Director: Ricky Greenwood

Studio: / Mile High Media

Release Date: August 8th, 2019

eXXXtras: The stills that come with this film are so/so. I was expecting a lot more with how much the promo was showcasing colored hair, amazing characters and over the top performance. The DVD release could prove to be something more, as I am reviewing the screener of this film before it’s launch on August 8th. The social media marketing is very cool. Seeing the performers as the characters they portray is exactly what this industry needs more of.

Don Juan’s Phyla: Lesbian, Girl/Girl, Feature, Super Stars and Legends, Story, Drama and Emotion, Realistic Sex, Realistic Scenarios


Starring: Sinn Sage Ariel X Kenna James Charlotte Stokely Ana Foxxx Whitney Wright Cadence Lux Karla Kush Aiden Ashley Brandi Mae and Nina Hartley

Ariel X 

Chapter 1: Kenna James and Cadence Lux

Scene Features: Bush, 5-Star Acting, Intense Fingering, Clit-Diddling, Ass Licking, Face Sitting, 69 Action, Scissoring/Tribbing


The Reveal:


What an opening. We get a little bit of everything for you lovers of cinema. There is a true emotional tugging when you see Ariel X put on one of the best scene openings I have ever watched in a Sweetheart Video feature. The story goes, Arial is a fading star of the professional ranks who is hooked on pain killers and is abandoned by the “big dogs” once her addiction is out in the open in the form of a DUI.

"Mean" Gene Okerlund himself would praise the performance of Charlotte Stokley. Her commentary and poise as the wrestling world's “mouthpiece” commentator are amazing. There is so much depth to each character, fans will gobble up this story.

If you are a wrestling fan you will enjoy the links to some legendary tag teams and solo acts from yesterday with the in-ring attire. The production team keeps things very true to the sport and very entertaining in the process.

The acting is A+ in the first eighteen minutes of amazing storytelling. Even for you fans who only came to see the women get it on, you will not be able to turn away from this first chapters start. This is one of Ricky’s best openings of his career.

As the day ends we see that Ariel may be getting a better bargain then she thought when returning to the minor leagues to coach those wrestlers who look up to her and are looking to put on their first show with success. Cadence Lux and Kenna James step onto center stage for an encounter that our readers have been drooling to see in this format for years. This is once again how you start this kind of film


The Encounter:

Kenna James and Cadence Lux 

I do not think any two performers can lead an audience into the realm of pure erotic encounters like Kenna and Cadence can. The movements are hypnotic, the kissing will be enough to make you blow your top with lust and infatuation. The action is very slow and special. Kenna James is by far the best performer to put into a scene to get ravaged by another female. The show she always puts on is delicious and appealing as can be. Seeing Cadence take her time with every inch of her body is shot so well that the dark lighting adds so much to this scene. There is so much steamy, realistic action in this encounter. Watching Cadence get her kitty licked through her nylons is so original, in so many ways. This duo really creates on-screen passion and first encounter wonder. It is like watching two women go at it for the first time who have never ventured down this path. The sex is visually just so kinky and passionate. The female POV shots, especially when Kenna is face first, deep in her co-star’s pussy, is as yummy as it gets. The director really takes you on a ride by showing how many different ways these two, true to life lovers of woman can make any audience member shiver with such lust on screen, through the eyes of the performers. This is the most quaint, sensual start to a film. I think this is exactly what was called for to begin this side of the fantasy. These ladies give you a taste of things in the best of ways without overdoing anything.


Chapter 2: Ana Foxxx, Whitney Wright, Aiden Ashely, and Brandi Mae

Scene Features: Foursome, 5-Star Sexual Diversity, Big Tits, Petite, Face Sitting, Ass Licking, Ass to Pussy, 5-Star Positions, 69 Action, Scissoring/Tribbing


The Reveal:

Ana Foxxx, Whitney Wright, Aiden Ashley and Brandi Bae 

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After a very romantic encounter, you fall back in love with the story and it is Ariel who brings this to you with just the way she walks out of an NA meeting. Or, I guess I should say, never goes. The production team assembles the perfect score to make you keep your enthusiasm about seeing if this character succeeds or fails. I do not know how some of the wrestlers who watch this film will take the subject matter of pain pills and performing but this subject is wisely tackled in this film. It is something you read about and see. It makes this fictional tale give a truthful insight into things that do happen in that business. Addiction and other subjects are not easily portrayed in an adult film and The mood of a legendary film like Rocky blends it's very well into the backdrop of this film with how things look and sound. It is amazing. We learn a bit more about Sinn Sage’s character and once again, the drama is heavy and heartfelt in this chapter. The way that Charlotte comes in to take things to that wrestling program feel of the “Territory Days” of pro-wrestling is cool. She will remind fans of Saturday mornings in the best of ways. That is how damn good of an actor that woman is. So much is going on as we go into some in-ring walkthrough and the touch of, “is wrestling real” is the icing on the cake. I have never seen a walk through ever shown on screen and this is pretty damn close. The fact that they are showing a tag team going over the “performance” is why wrestlers are called performers and always have been. This is just as cool as it gets and once again, you will be entertained as you see that it is four of the most amazing performers in the business today who are about to “tag-team” one another! I always wanted to say that about an adult film.


The Encounter:

Ana Foxxx, Whitney Wright, Aiden Ashley and Brandi Bae 

Now, as we see the wrestlers tie each other up for a dry run of the match, we see that things are going to go the route of some sexual tension very quickly. The armbar is the move of choice and the ladies once again put on a show of spectacular proportions. From that first kiss delivered by the one and only Aiden Ashley, the scene takes you places that you truly can only get from superstars of this caliber. What is the biggest selling point in this scene is the diversity of the performers brought together to perform? There is a smorgasbord of beauty laid out right before your eyes and you will not know where to focus your attention. Seeing garments astride through the ring is a slick and kinky combination in this scene. Brandi Bae’s dirty talk is something to write home about as well in this scene. It adds so much zest to all the action that goes on before your eyes. The second big charming element in this chapter of girl/girl erotica is watching Aiden go all over the place with that bubbly character and passion for sex that only she has. She is a woman who always delivers a show that has moxie and drive like no other. She is always able to bring out her co-star’s kink in every way possible when she shoots. She makes the flow of this lesbian group scene pour out like a stellar bottle of pinot. She is always getting into unique positions and always anxious to stick her tongue in every hole possible. It is fun to watch in this one. The angles are great in this scene, just watch Whitney Wright continue to make her argument for starlet of the year with what she does as she is “against the ropes.” Watching Brandi’s lovely clit get ravaged by Ana Foxxx is a sight to see. Overall, the way that the crew is able to make this unique style group scene shine is amazing. It is not easy to shoot these scenes and I think every starlet gets her just do. Just to show you how much these ladies look to put on a show for all of us, Aiden stays upright on the ropes until she almost goes white as a ghost from the blood rushing to her head. Now that is just not talent, that is dedication to one’s love, art, passion, and craft. This is scene is the best second chapter of any film I have seen in 2019. Epic all the way. There will not be one dry brow in this house after this scene.

Charlotte Stokely and Karla Kush 

Chapter 3: Charlotte Stokely and Karla Kush

Scene Features: 5-Star Set-Up, 5-Star Kissing. 5-Star Pussy Licking, Scissoring/Tribbing, Ass Licking, Face Sitting, 69 Action


The Reveal:


Now, if ever there was a pairing audience members have been dying to see, it is these two ladies. Before we get to that, we join the ladies back in the ring. Ariel X is commanding as the character who is moving her life in a better direction and trying to get the best out of where she is. Her character is alive in this scene especially in ways that bring back memories that any true sports fans will have of a leader or a person of inspiration. This is the role of a lifetime for Ariel X, especially in this stage of her career. The fact that she makes her character speak with her walk and her diction, or should I say, the way that only a coach talks to their soldiers is amazing. Seeing the set-up with Sinn Sage is classic erotica. It is what you get when you have a director and producers who truly care about what the fans are getting to see. Then, we are taken to a shot of Charlotte Stokely taking boxes out of her ride and my goodness, let’s just say, “we are in for one hell of a slobber knocker folks.” This was the build-up that fans have been itching to see since second one of the earlier interviews. Charlotte Stokely, she truly becomes that person who loved wrestling and wanted to become a part of it at all costs. I do not know how she becomes these characters. She deserves an award nomination for this role. It has that much depth and that mush truth behind what she portrays and, in the end, that is acting, that is performing. Bravo Charlotte. You made the story of Jim Ross and many others come to life because that is exactly what it mimics, and you give it your own dash of purity and reality. The way that she speaks to Karla's character about her parents is just the most amazing acting I have seen in 2019.


The Encounter:

Charlotte Stokely and Karla Kush 

“You don’t have to…” The four most amazing words of the “erotic reveal.” You just cannot create the wonder these two do. The timing is perfect and as you see the ladies begin to lust after each other the way they do, you will be running to lock the bedroom door as this encounter becomes myth and reality all at the same time. Now, this is what you want to see two performers build up to. The pussy eating is pure heaven and you see Charlotte get her what for. What does that mean in a film like this? Two things. You see Charlotte get ravaged like no one has in a few years with her. That says a lot when a performer is coming off two straight wins for performer of the year. Charlotte melts into a puddle and Karla is there to lap up every drop in the most nasty and delicious way possible. This is epic sex here ladies and gentlemen. There is no substitute in lesbian erotica when you see Charlotte Stokely twitch and convulse after she is given the most delicious and thorough pussy licking by a fellow superstar. You had to pair the performer of the year with one of the best damn oralists this business has ever seen. This is so stunning of an encounter you may have to pinch yourself a few times to ensure the fantasy is real. Pure wonder! Seeing those big, beautiful eyes of Charlotte’s go in for the kill when it is her turn is something to behold. Even Karla cannot contain her admiration for something so beautiful. This is a sight that must be seen. Watching those amazing pussy lips get smothered with Charlotte’s wicked tongue and sensual lips are as kinky as it can get in lesbian cinema and the POV shots are simply to die for. Truly one of the steamiest lesbian scenes I have ever seen. This is the definition of epic. This scene is perfection in every which way it can be. This is truly one of the best girl/girl scenes of 2019 and for damn sure will get an award nomination. It does not get better then this from start to finish. This will satisfy every viewer who bought a ticket to this show!


Chapter 4: Ariel X and Sinn Sage

Scene Features: 5-Star Acting, Realistic Sex, Fingering, Bubble Butt, All-Natural, Scissoring/Tribbing


The Reveal:

Sinn Sage 

How does the sun set on this film? My goodness, you are going to have to have a more than an impressive ending to give these performers and storytellers justice in this film. There is so much power in the role of Ariel X and what it represents.

This tale has so much reality to it, you can simply feel the emotion come through the screen. You see a performer struggling to take the next step, to admit that she needs others. Very rarely do you see this attempted in the land of adult fantasy but here is where it does make sense.

Anywhere you see films and cinema in Hollywood you should see this type of drama. It tugs at your heart in a different way. One of the most amazing moments is seeing something every wrestler fears doing, hurting the other. Seeing Karla get hurt, wow, that is an intense moment in this film and even more, when we see Sinn Sage run out of the ring with this paralyzing dread coming over her you know that this production truly gave everything they had and they scored big time. This is one of the best damn fictional stories I have ever seen Sweetheart Video create. Seeing the story unfold, as a tale about one wrestler seeing herself in another, battling demons, it is something that I personally have never seen done like this in adult cinema and this squad deserves more than a round of applause.

My goodness, you forget that two of the most legendary lesbian performers are about to go at it, that is called drama ladies and gentleman and it is what good film makes do, make you forget where you are and Ricky, Sinn, and Ariel do that and beyond with this ending chapter. All I can say is, it is too cool to see porn stars cut promos as a grand finale to the wrestling and acting. Bravo ladies, you all did great. Kenna James really goes above and beyond, showing a side you rarely get to see. Charlotte calls the play by play in the coolest way possible. Not bad for a person who has never had to use wrestling lingo. Man, it is something very amazing to watch this group of wrestlers’ put on a show, that is all I can say. I honestly am still so massively hit days latter by a group of actors making me forget that I was watching an adult film. I can not remember the last time that happened.


The Encounter:

Ariel X and Sinn Sage 

What a show the ladies put on. It is decent and they all did one hell of a job for most likely only having one or two days to learn just the basics of what it takes to wrestle professionally and cut a promo. Ariel and Sinn put on a show that really makes the end encounter start with fireworks. Ariel brings to light her abilities as a girl/girl wrestler and performer in ways a starlet never has before on this big of a stage. A friend once told me that getting to work with Sinn Sage was the greatest on-screen sensation she had ever experienced and as these performers snap you back into the lust-filled fantasy, you can see that there is so much truth behind that statement when the kissing, touching and aggression begins. That first kiss makes you remember again that you are watching an adult film. That is a trip, to say the least for any fan who gives this film and chance and you should for reasons too numerous to list in a paragraph. Ariel brings you to your knees after that acting performance with a body that is as delicious as it gets. My goodness. The girl/girl world is cheering loud as can be to see Ariel put in the spotlight like this and she does more than shine. You get to see these performers in a different sexual view in this end chapter. Sinn, she has one of the most amazing derrieres in the history of this business. It should be bronzed and put in the hall of fame, next to Nina Hartley’s it is that grandiose and it is not the center of the shoot in this grand finale and that is a unique cherry on top that this film deserves, because she is more then her booty, always has been. Seeing Ariel devour her from head to toe, ending with pussy licking that you usually only see come from miss Sage in a scene is brilliant. There is so much that makes this gritty encounter something very special in a very special film. Watching that superb, athletic ass is simply a sight that you never get to see in the big production companies creations and I think when fans see it, they are going to be hungry for more and more. This is amazing. The grit, the grind, the kink, this is how you end a wrestling film.

 Ana Foxxx

Sight and Sound:

The things that stand out most are the things that make this film so true to form and enjoyable to watch. The wardrobe and costumes are amazing. The lighting is superb. I said this before there is a unique feel to it, almost like the first Rocky when you can feel the grit in the shadows. This film nails that big time. An essential when you are making a film that involves sports. The ring is a character all in itself. You see all the previous sweat stains in the shape of ladies' legs spread. Whose idea it was to pick that shoot location. They need a gold star. This truly brought out the wrestler in each woman. When it comes to light, Mr. Greenwood is again the master of darkness. He gets it right and I mean every scene is perfection with the way he makes the air something you can cut through.


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

What makes this film Highly Recommended is more than the acting, the sex, the pairing, and the production. It is the element of surprise. For many fans, this will be there first look at a performer who has always been a starlet who brings the most explosive performance and innovation to all she does. Ariel X not only puts on an award-worthy performance with her portrayal of a wrestler hitting rock bottom and starting over, but she also shows how steamy a performer she is, how her angle of beauty is something to behold by every fan. I think that many viewers will have watched this film and discovered a new side of lesbian erotica they have been missing for a long time. Ariel truly puts on a performance of a lifetime and when she builds up to a climactic end with Sinn Sage, she honestly makes you forget you are watching an adult film. That is a true performance, that is true power. I think that this film will spark so much within the industry and I hope it makes more filmmakers see that they can do even more. Ricky Greenwood took a chance and he scored big time. I can not say that this film will sell off the shelf in a hot minute. It is not due to quality. I may sound like the negative spin-doctor here but films done this well, they can sometimes never be given the justice they are due until they begin to get that cult-classic buzz that happens to films that are ahead of their time and this film truly is. I can only imagine how much could have been added with say two weeks of shoot time for this cast and crew, with a bunch of extras added. For any person who has ever been in the business, this film will make them smile and say, “damn good job ladies and gents.” They did what a wrestling promoter always aims to do, tug at the audience’s emotions. It says a lot about a film when you get a girl/girl scene of the year nominee like the encounter with Karla and Charlotte and all that comes to mind is praising the presentation of the story. That says a lot about where this film can take you. I think this is the perfect film for a fan to sit down and watch on a Friday night with some popcorn. No bullshit. As a couple’s night in, this film will score points with so many if they allow it into their household and I hope they do because this film is truly one of a kind and beyond. Highly Recommended to say the least and the first of what I hope will be many more risky adventures taken by this director and company.

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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