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Last House on the Right, The

Studio: Pure Taboo » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 8/7/19

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Genres: 18+ Teens, Featurettes
Writer/Director: Bree Mills


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Cast: Dillion Harper, Eliza Jane, Whitney Wright, Chad Alva, Codey Steele
Length: 1 hour 41 minutes
Date of Release: March 5, 2019
Extras: 2 Slideshows, Menu-Selectable Trailers

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Condoms: None
Audio/Video Quality: There's a bit of shakycam in parts for cinematography purposes, I get that but I find it annoying. The audio varies in level hugely, so have your volume control handy if you are trying to catch the dialog.
Overview: Bree Mills and Craven Moorehead present two episodes from the Pure Taboo website. They are unrelated but fit well together on the disc. Whitney and Dillion are two of my personal faves, hence my selection of this title in particular. As you would expect from Pure Taboo, the storylines can be a bit out of the ordinary from the porn you might watch on a daily basis.
Scene 1:  Eliza Jane, Whitney Wright, Chad Alva "The Last House on the Right"

Eliza Jane & Whitney Wright

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This is going to be a hard scene to review in-depth but I'll give you an overview of what happens, hopefully without revealing too much of the plotline. Whitney and Eliza are besties that are cutting class and head off to an abandoned house to take some photos of some lingerie they have acquired. During their photoshoot, they come across a homeless guy who is passed out on the floor and inadvertently wake him up while Whitney poses next to him. They start to bail but Whitney's intrigued and the next thing you know the guy's cock is in her mouth. Eliza threatens to leave but decides to stick around and degrade her friend as she gets fucked against a wall. Ultimately, Eliza decides to one-up her and let the guy fuck her too and it becomes a sex battle between the two, the dialog never stopping as Chad rails them in position after position, the positions getting more and more inventive as each lovely lady sets out to prove who the biggest and best slut is.

Eliza Jane & Whitney Wright

It's a very creepy premise (welcome to Pure Taboo) but I found it oddly more arousing than I thought it would be as one position flows into another, Chad trading holes at will as he listens to the girls work out their high school drama. Everyone plays their roles with utmost precision except for one small flub by Eliza when she calls Whitney the wrong character name. It's like a two-way revenge fuck between the ladies that plays out in real-time and Chad just happens to be the lucky guy that was sleeping in the house.
Scene 2: Dillion Harper, Codey Steele "Open House"

Dillion Harper
Okay, first things first, I'm a Dillion Harper fan but I was really taken off guard when I saw her in a PT film. Now, I've seen her in other "realtor" videos, which is what she plays in this featurette but this was different from the get-go. When Codey walks in quietly the whole thing takes on a huge creep factor. Things get weirder when he suggests he should test drive the master bedroom. Dillion really needs to make the sale on the house and she reluctantly agrees, undressing slowly and is soon gagging as she works his flaccid penis to stiffness. Her gagging continues, even as she moves into a 69. Now, I'm sure that works for some people but I found it really off-putting as she continually choked on his cock. Things got much better from my perspective as she climbed into reverse rodeo position and started some bronc busting like she was trying to win that belt buckle, even managing to squirt all over herself.

Dillion Harper

The duo dance through all the usual positions, Dillion not looking comfortable in many of them, a grimace plastered on her face as she screams for him to cum. I'm not sure if that was a good thing or a not so subtle clue to him and the crew to back off a bit. I think Codey got the hint and took a break from his relentless ramming to "tongue fuck the shit out of her". His tongue gets replaced by their fingers and she ends up drenching herself yet again. Her grimacing turns to smiling as she climbs back on top of him and rides like the wind, the headboard rocking like it may crush them at any moment.
Final Thoughts: I'm a fan of Whitney and Dillion. I think Whitney did a fabulous job of acting here, as did Eliza who played her counterpart. Dillion looked great and played her part well but I'm not convinced she was actually enjoying the sex all of the time. Maybe the angles she was being penetrated at didn't work for her that day or maybe she was loving every minute it...sometimes it is hard to tell. She did manage to squirt a few times, so I think some of it worked for her but I got the feeling it didn't all work for her. Honestly, in the first scene, I gave up trying to track the sex acts because they were so varied and I was really concentrating on the "two BFFs" screaming at each other constantly, hurling insults. The movie is up for Best Feature at the Nightmoves awards this year and I think it should be. Had I seen it earlier in the year, I would have added it to my nominations for other award shows that I am involved in. I think it will get nominations for acting at multiple awards shows this year, as it should. Overall, I found the disc pretty good and would recommend watching it but with that said, there isn't a huge bonus to owning the disc itself as the extras are lacking. It's probably cheaper to buy the scenes individually. Recommended.

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