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Let Them Talk

Studio: MissaX » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 8/4/19

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Genre: Feature, Comedy, Family Roleplay, Creampie


Cast: Alexis Fawx, Cherie Deville, Tyler Nixon

Writer/Director/Editor/Cinematographer: MissaX

Release Date: May 17, 2019

Length: 1 hr. 45 min.

Condoms: None

Extras: One Bonus Scene, Trailers and Outtakes


Overview: Psycho-MILFs Alexis Fawx and Cherie Deville battle each other for Tyler Nixon's affection in Let Them Talk, with Alexis having the upper hand as Tyler's stepmom. It's one of two twisted stories from the taboo-breaking pen of the very talented MissaX. It's accompanied by another great taboo story as Ivy Wolfe pines for her step dad's cock despite the advances of her BFF Scarlett Sage in In Love With Daddy.


Scene One: Alexis Fawx and Tyler Nixon


Alexis and Tyler are a stepmom and stepson that love each other very much, having separated from Tyler's abusive father and living together through Tyler's formative years. While they live the normal family life, the sexual tension is starting to grow, Alexis feeling the years slipping past her as an unmarried divorcee, and worrying about her attractiveness fading as she gets older. Meanwhile, Tyler is dating office co-worker Cherie Deville, the older and very sexually confident MILF. Tyler hasn't told Alexis about Cherie yet, but she'll find out about her soon enough. Alexis and Tyler go out of their traditional Freedom date, marking the anniversary of Alexis' divorce from Tyler's father, where Alexis gets a little tipsy. They return home and Tyler lays Alexis on the couch, removing her shoes and rubbing her feet while Alexis remarks how much she appreciates him. As she slips off into her drunken stupor Tyler can't help but notice Alexis' skirt hiked up exposing her pussy. He peers at it a little and overhears Alexis talking in her sleep, saying his name and telling him to touch it. Tyler takes the high road and lets Alexis sleep it off. The next morning Alexis, wearing a low cut red dress, wakes up Tyler. She talks about the wonderful time she had and tells him he needs to find a good woman. This prompts Tyler to tells her about Cherie, and when he does you can see the streak of jealousy streak across her face. He then goes to take a shower and Alexis goes to her room and lays on her bed. She starts to fantasize about Tyler, pulling her boobs out and squeezing them before moving her hand to her pussy. We then go into a dream sequence, as Alexis fantasizes about Tyler laying on top of her and telling her how beautiful and sexy she is.


They very passionately start kissing as the shot shifts from the dream to Alexis masturbating. Tyler kisses down Alexis body and soon he eating her pussy. Very sensuously Tyler licks and buries his face and Alexis' cunt, making Alexis moan with desire, and eventually, Alexis is cumming in his mouth as she rubs her pussy in real life. After the shot of her cumming on her hand, we go to her dream of Tyler fucking her missionary, his cock sliding in and out of Alexis' pussy as he squeezes her tits. They kiss passionately as he rams his cock inside her, making her cum again. We then see Alexis in real life going into a doggy position, rubbing her pussy under her see-through panties while she dreams of Tyler fucking her from behind. As he pounds her pussy Alexis cries out about how much she loves him fucking his mom. She arches her ass up to him and as Tyler works her pussy with his cock, pistoning it in and out and giving Alexis multiple screaming orgasms. Back to reality, we see Alexis finger bang her pussy as she grinds on her hand. We then go back to the fantasy where Tyler is still fucking her doggy, Alexis begging for his cum and Tyler giving her a creampie, filling up her pussy with his spunk and telling her she's the most beautiful woman ever.


Scene Two: Cherie Deville and Tyler Nixon


Later that day Cherie pays a surprise visit to Tyler. With Alexis gone for the day Cherie, who just oozes confidence, prances about the house like she owns it, and remarks to Tyler about how much she adores him and the way he treats his mother. She makes her way upstairs to Alexis' room and stretches out on her bed. The very sexually adventurous Cherie then tells Tyler the thought of them fucking on his mom's bed is really turning her on as she proceeds to strip. Once she's naked Tyler jumps on her, showering her with kisses and going down on her pussy. Got to give it to Tyler, he's a master cunnilinguist, simply burying his face in Cherie's pussy, sucking and licking in until she cums in his mouth. Cherie throws him back onto the bed and gives him a great POV blowjob, slurping and gagging on his cock. She then climbs up and starts to ride him, but not until he calls her mommy. After rubbing the tip of his cock against her pussy lips he finally gives and calls her mommy, to which she slowly slides her pussy down on his cock.


Very methodically she bounces her pussy up and down his cock, and then spins around and sits on it reverse cowgirl. Tyler holds Cherie's ass still as he fucks it from underneath. She then climbs off and gets on all fours, burying her cheek in the mattress as Tyler fucks her from behind. He pounds her cunt until she's grabbing the quilt and biting it as she cums on Tyler's cock. She then dances her ass on his cock, asking him if that's what his mother would do as Tyler keeps pounding making her cum again. She then flips over onto her back, Tyler licking her juices off of her pussy before sticking his cock in her and fucking her missionary. Furiously rubbing her clit as Tyler fucks her Cherie begs Tyler to fill her pussy up, to which Tyler pumps her pussy up with his cum.


Scene Three: Alexis Fawx and Tyler Nixon


Tyler and Cherie hear Alexis' car door outside, to which Tyler scrambles to get Cherie out before Alexis catches them. Thinking it hysterical Cherie goes out the window and Tyler covers himself up in Alexis' bed, which she catches him in and asks what he's doing. He tells her he just took a shower and was taking a nap and that he'll get dressed, to which Alexis leaves the room. After Tyler is fully clothed she comes back in and tells him she really wants him to be happy, and if being with Cherie will do it, then she's fine with it. She then confesses about her fear of growing older and becoming less attractive. To which Tyler tells her how beautiful she is. She flashes the most gorgeous smile to him, looking longingly into his eyes, while little do they know that Cherie is watching them from outside. Tyler moves closer, and soon the two are kissing, first innocently and then more passionately. Before long Tyler has her green sweater and bra off, the whole time giving her beautiful loving and passionate kisses. He worships her incredible tits before heading down to her pussy and licking it over her green panties. Alexis gets on all fours and Tyler plants beautiful passionate kisses on her ass before flipping her over and rubbing her pussy as he kisses her. He eats her pussy for a little bit before sliding his fingers in and finger blasting her while he sucks on her tits, the sensation of his hand giving her an explosive orgasm, Tyler going down and eating her pussy and making her cum again. He flips over onto his back and Alexis starts sucking his cock. Like with the scene with Cherie we get a terrific POV shot of Alexis as she swallows Tyler's cock, asking Tyler if he wants “mommy” to take care of him. She then climbs up and lowers her pussy down on his cock, bouncing on it while Tyler pinches her nipples. The camera moves around and we get shots from the front and the rear as Alexis rides Tyler cock cowgirl style. Tyler gets a firm grip on Alexis' ass and holds it as he pounds his cock up and out of Alexis' pussy, Alexis having multiple orgasms on his cock. She sucks her juices off and lays back with her pussy spread for Tyler to fuck her missionary.


With one of Alexis' legs thrown over his shoulder Tyler plants a kiss on her as he pounds her pussy giving her more orgasms. She then sucks her juices off again, telling Tyler she wants to make her son feel good, as Cherie continues to peer at them from outside. Alexis then starts riding Tyler reverse cowgirl, priming his cock with her pussy before Tyler gets on his knees and they go into fucking doggy style. He pistons his cock in and out of her pussy making her cum some more before she lays on her side they start spooning. With their eyes locked in the heat of passion they kiss, Alexis rubbing her clit as Tyler pumps her pussy and fills it up with his cum. As Tyler and Alexis lay in each other's arms, reveling in the aftermath of their sex, they profess their love for each other, Tyler saying to forget Cherie as she watches tearfully through the window.


Scene Four: Alexis Fawx, Cherie Deville and Tyler Nixon


We now come to one of the most insane and hilarious scenes I've seen this year. It's a few days later and Cherie shows up and Tyler and Alexis' front door. She introduces herself to Alexis as Tyler's girlfriend, talking about all of the great sex they've had together, including in her bedroom. This drives Alexis over the edge and the two start fighting for Tyler's love. Both of them have gone completely crazy, Cherie stripping off and sucking on Tyler's cock in front of Alexis and Alexis pushing her out of the way and taking him in her mouth. At first, Tyler is freaked out, but soon he sees this as a rather fucked-up opportunity to fulfill his fantasy of fucking them both. He tells them to kiss and they start to make out and then tells them to kiss him. They shower his face with kisses, both of them begging him to choose them. Cherie then sits back and tells him to watch as she rubs her pussy, Alexis then doing the same. Tyler tells them he needs to test each pussy out and starts with Alexis, fucking her missionary while Cherie watches with disgust. With his dick inside of her, Alexis tells Tyler to call her mommy, Cherie climbing up and sitting on Alexis' face to shut her up.


Alexis screams for Tyler to make his mommy cum, to which Cherie pushes Tyler out of Alexis' pussy and starts riding him. She sticks one of her tits in Tyler's mouth, telling him to suck on it while she's riding him and Alexis licks his balls. She climbs off and they both suck him before Cherie climbs back up and rides him reverse cowgirl, bouncing and cumming on his cock very much to Alexis' dismay. Alexis pushes Cherie off and tells her she wants to cum on his cock as she climbs up and bounces herself to orgasm, screaming as she cums. As she keeps grinding her ass on Tyler's cock, Cherie gets behind her and eats her ass out. Then as Cherie throws her off and starts sucking on it, she tells Alexis why can't we both be his mommy and share him. Alexis is like, “OK”, and they both give him head, two of the sexiest women in the world going down on the world's luckiest cock. Alexis then sits on top of Cherie, her ass stuck up to Tyler while Cherie's pussy is spread open for him underneath. He starts fucking Alexis from behind, pounding her ass until she cums.


He then starts fucking Cherie, Alexis riding her clit while Tyler fucks her missionary. His cock pistons in and out of her, Alexis reaching back to rub her clit, and soon Cherie is cumming like crazy on Tyler's cock. He pulls out and sticks it back in Alexis' pussy, giving her one more screaming orgasm before filling her pussy up with his cum. Alexis reaches in and pulls his spunk out, inserting it in Cherie's pussy and the two start tribbing, Cherie looking over at Tyler telling him they're making him a little brother. Absolutely and ingeniously insane.


Bonus Scene: “In Love With Daddy” starring Ivy Wolfe and Chad White


Final Thoughts: MissaX is breaking new ground in the taboo genre. Pretty much a one-woman band she's making great strides in the field of storytelling and filmmaking by presenting cutting edge stories with fantastic performances and expert cinematography. Many people will compare her to Pure Taboo, which is understandable, but unjustifiable. It's apples and oranges. PT being the more polished of the two, while MissaX has a grungier feel. She really loves her extreme close-ups, zeroing in on the hottest action in the scene, almost to the point of insertion of the camera. Let Them Talk has so much going for it, not only for the beautiful and very passionate sex scene but even more so from the fantastic performances. Whenever you have such wonderful actresses as Alexis Fawx and Cherie Deville, either as in Coven Wives or separate as in Wastelands, it's always going to be magic. These are two women who never EVER fail to deliver, with so much talent between them that it's always a beautiful experience. While this is a terrific film, it's not without its minor flaws. There's a major continuity error in Scene Four concerning Cherie Deville's glasses. And a couple of other small mistakes not worth mentioning, but overall this a great, very well performed, beautiful shot, almost avant-garde style independent adult film that I Highly Recommend.  And especially pick up the DVD if just for the outtake reel included in the extras, a feature so lacking in most releases today.  Thank you MissaX for including that.

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