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Alexis Loves Girls

Studio: Sweet Heart » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 7/18/19

newstrizhki.ru's Advice:

Now, this is how you market a film. So much has gone into the promotion of this film and rightfully so, this is Alexis Fawx, hands down the mightiest boulder of knowledge when it comes to production, creation, and sexuality with a bite. Alexis has been a woman who is known to be the woman who creates passion at every stop along the way in her illustrious career that seems to get bigger and better every year. One thing that any porn fan will be able to tell with just the colored hair and extreme make-up is that she has put her heart and soul into this one. The cast is a who's who of lesbian goddesses. Women who simply love other women and are a reflection of Alexis Fawx in so many ways. Message boards seem to be filled with fans' admiration and excitement for pairings like her and Aidra, as well as Katrina and Ana Foxxx. There is so much that is on the surface with this film. Ricky Greenwood has truly created a unique stamp with what his Girl/Girl films are with Sweetheart Video. I do not think we can waste another second wondering what is and let’s find out if this truly has what it takes to match its wonderful ad campaign.


Film Duration: 2 Hours and 29 Minutes

Director: Ricky Greenwood

Studio: / Mile High Media

Release Date: July 24th, 2019

Don Juan’s Phyla: Star Showcase, Lesbian, Girl/Girl, Super Star versus Super Star, Threesome, Art and Glamour, Real Sex, Reality Based, Behind the Scenes

eXXXtras: This film is so wonderfully unique, that each chapter’s end and beginning has insight like never before seen in the adult film world. The extras are the dedication to something one of a kind. Fans want to see interviews, but most are too mesmerized to do anything but press play on a DVD or website download. This is truly some of the most unique industry insight ever shown in a film and it is interesting, funny and romantically comical. A true look at porn stars and the films they dedicate themselves to as well as a side we never see of the stars we love.


Starring: Alexis Fawx, Whitney Wright, Katrina Jade, Angela White, Ana Foxxx, and Aidra Fox

Alexis Fawx 

Chapter One: Alexis Fawx , Katrina Jade , and Whitney Wright

Scene Features: Lesbian Threesome, Superstars, Big Tits, Lingerie, Tattoos, Piercings, Ass Licking, Face Sitting


The Reveal:


For every fan who ever wanted to know what is it like to kick with Alexis Fawx, well here you go. Set aside being a fan and step into the shoes of a production person. What you are seeing is genuine Alexis. Most fans who are her die-hard followers know that she is a genuine lover of women and even more so, that she puts everything into her performances. The nervousness, the way she speaks so quickly about this project, that is Alexis. Fuck reality TV, there is nothing more real than a woman who is going to have sex with the women of her dreams and she gets to do whatever she wants to them. Now that is entertainment and that is sexuality at it’s best. I can not think of something better than watching Alexis transform into the girl of your dreams. She really does get up at 4 AM to drive to a shoot, she really is this confident of a woman and that is what her strength is. That is the insight that fans never get to see. All this build-up and all that has been done in make-up, that takes power and passion and we get to see Alexis demonstrate hers in the best of ways. Then, in steps KJ and once again, you are seeing sides of these women that only production people know. This draw to one another and a bond that is never forgotten even among badass women who will beat the fuck out of you after they get their rocks on and we are not just talking physically. This is something more than a documentary or behind the scenes. This is true to life happiness and passion that makes this industry thrive. Enjoy it sex fans, I have never seen the girls allowed to be this real. It is epic! Whitney, what can I say, Whitney. She is the most unique and talented soul in this business. Her true charm shines through. It is very surreal to see this side being shown on camera. I think fans will enjoy it; I really do. This is as good as it gets in this business when it comes to something one of a kind and never before seen.


The Encounter:

Alexis Fawx, Katrina Jade and Whitney Wright 

When you see Alexis and that fast tongue come out, I guess this is where you can say the sex begins because that is when an explosion of what “could be” starts within this scene. Your heart and mind will race as the intro winds down, but this is a fantasy that has already dug deep into your psyche before the girls even kiss. The way that these three sex icons come together is slow, slippery and so spectacular. Sexiness is what rules the airwaves in this transmission. The lingerie is such a beautiful touch to three adult entertainers who truly are as nasty as they come in the heat department. I have never seen Alexis Fawx look this beautiful. This is one of the best cast scenes I have ever watched Alexis Fawx take part in. Her gymnastic stretching skills are put to good use with the "Queen of Darkness" ravaging her asshole while Whitney Wright uses her award-winning tongue to wiggle around her hard clit. That sexy leg will stick out in your memory for a very long time after this opening chapter. The sex here is so real. You get to see what happens when you take a chance and get three highly radioactive elements and put them in the same room. The explosion of sex is wonderful and paced to perfection. We have seen each one of these babes going over the top, what fans want to see is what Mr. Greenwood and Alexis give them, a look into Alexis putting on a show for the fans and herself. There is so much left to the imagination in this first scene and that is a bullseye when you are looking to create a true cinematic quality to an adult film. These modern megastars of the new era are virtually having sex on a cot with a mattress and they take the encounter to a whole new level by teasing and indulging just enough to make your fantasies come to life. It has you sitting on needles as you wait to see what happens next. The undergarment lines are the perfect indicator that what you are about to see is something that you have never witnessed before. Bravo act one!

Ana Foxxx 

Chapter 2: Alexis Fawx and Ana Foxxx

Scene Features: Art, Glamour, 5-Star Sound Effects, 5-Star Pussy Licking, 5-Star Touching, Tribbing/Scissoring


The Reveal:


How do you keep showing a porn stars true self? Do just what Ricky does in act two. This opening conversation hit home big time for me because I remember the first time I ever met and spoke to Alexis. That is what this conversation is like. Fans, have you ever wanted to know what a conversation on the phone with Alexis Fawx is truly like, well here you go? No bullshit, this is Alexis.

You have a director allow a performer to show this side that has never been seen. Most times, what you see is a tad scripted, I see zero performer in these monologues with Alexis. She is speaking from the heart and it is so cool to see. Being a person who has tried to hook Alexis up with another friend in the business, her conversations about her partners and lovers are as real as it gets. That is something special fans. This is a woman sharing a side with you that they never share and that is simply human nature. It takes a bold, confident human being to share that part of themselves and it is film wonder to watch.

This is a deep look into her mind and something fans never and I mean never get to see with a starlet. I applaud her for being so bold with this intro. You may never see anything like this again porn fans and I do mean that, for it is very hard to bare your soul on camera I do not care who you are. Alexis Fawx is an art lover. Trust me when I say this, she has traveled the world over to find hidden gems that are on her wall right now. So, seeing her turn Ana Foxxx into a living work of art in order to have a sexual encounter with, that is the true definition of what art is through and through. Once again, we see her co-star as candid as she is. Ana Foxxx fans, this is must own conversation with my favorite ravager of women, Ana Foxxx. She shows why she is a woman who when her career is over, the term "legend" will be attached right next to it.


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The Encounter:

Alexis Fawx and Ana Foxxx 

The darkness brings these two ladies of allure into a wonderful spotlight. The body paint is bold and that is how Alexis always rolls. Both these women have bodies that are so solid they could crack a slab of granite. The fact that they put those chiseled physiques as the centerpiece, it is one of a kind art. You never see Ana without a wig and you never see Alexis with her hair flat and just down. It makes the mind wander all over the room and bodies of these beauties, it is pure heaven to gaze upon. The noises around you in 5.1 surround sound make your blood pressure go faster and faster and the fact that you can not see the pussy licking but hear it oh so well, is a brilliant touch to this living piece of art. One of the many wonders of this chapter in the film is that the body make-up really shows you the performer side of a sexual encounter like you have never seen before. This is raw, this is animalistic and some. Alexis and Ricky did what they set out to do, make a painting come to life. It is as if a lightning bolt struck two characters in a sculpture and both animate and begin to ravage one another passionately. The black paint around Ana’s gold mouth is something so spectacular, you should hang up the still in a gallery. You could literally turn any freeze frame into an oil painting, and it would spark the same type of conversation. After you see what Ana Foxx is capable of, you will see why she may be the best pussy eater in the industry. I think even more so when you see that last stretch of moaning, long tongues and happy, dirty faces, you will see why these beauties deserve a performer of the year award not just a nomination. I am normally not a fan of art scenes at all. This particular creation, it spoke to me in ways no other scene has. This is truly one of kind because it not only hits the brain in the erogenous zone, it takes aim at that area of the brain that makes you bust out your thinking cap to analyze and interpret and that is once again, true artistry.

Aidra Fox 

Chapter 3: Alexis Fawx and Aidra Fox

Scene Features: Art and Glamour, Big Tits, All Natural, Scissoring/Tribbing, Shower Sex, 5-Star Pussy Licking, Intense Fingering, Intense Pussy Rubbing


The Reveal:


The second half of this film, it simply takes us to another side of Alexis. It is almost like this review has become a living editorial for miss Fawx. I say “living” because once again, everything you see of Alexis here is Alexis. This is not the performer, well, it is but this is the woman, the brain, the business, that badass, the professional.

Alexis is a woman of all positivity and she has been since day one. This scene has been one that this critic has imagined for a few years coming together. It is amazing they both wanted to kiss each other as their first fantasy. They both are so much alike and being that both of these ladies are so much alike, it is a wonder to watch their fantasies unite like this. I have never met Aidra but she carries herself as Alexis does.

She is a woman who is as classy as it gets in this business, as is every woman in this film but Aidra and Angela, they remind me so much of Alexis not only because of their wonder and wisdom but also because of their outlook on their journey within the business. The build-up to this scene is like lighting the fuse to a bottle rocket. Things are about to go into orbit and quickly. Postscript, something you will never see again, a production team putting their heads together for lighting, backdrop and angles, the hardest thing to do in any form of cinema. This is reality TV baby! You may think making mud is simple, it is not as easy as you think.


The Encounter:

Alexis Fawx and Aidra Foxxx 

Look at the way that they kiss for the first time. You cannot see it fully, but their body language screams fire. It is like watching two lionesses priming for something ferocious yet beautiful. They twirl around in this type of cinematic wonder that adds yet another shooting style and them to this already splendid film. If you stop it at the right moment, you see them looking into each other’s eyes blushing. That is as sexy as it gets in this world. That is what you really get when you are lucky enough to watch two women make love. I love how you are simply the voyeur peeking behind the bush, watching these two beauties have sex. The vibe is powerful in this setting and the way the women look, it makes the fantasy so much more intense. I have never seen or heard anything like this before, because honestly and I have done this when you sneak up on your girl having sex with her friend and when you do, you will not hear every word, every whisper, every moan of pleasure. You will not need to, because you are so taken back by watching the beauty right before your eyes, you will forget everything but them and that is what oozes from every frame of this unique sexual fantasy on film. The way that the natural lighting shifts, it is like the heavens shined a spotlight and knew that the artist known as Alexis Fawx was coming to make something never before seen in adult cinema. The one thing anyone who has seen two women have sex in the real world knows, it is that the most magical part of it all, is how unique a woman makes love to another and you see that here. I have never seen these two sexual dynamos look this natural and this spontaneous. The dog barking, the mud looking so sticky, it is a natural touch I am glad the director left in. I have spoken of being a fly on the wall many times, but this is as real as it gets to that analogy porn fans. The up-close shots really are the icing on the cake in this scene. This is what the die-hard fans of both performers want and for the newbies checking things out for the first time, you will see why these babes are superstars of the industry. Shower sex is always hit or miss, and this is a huge bullseye. You see both women’s amazing bodies in every way your naughty imagination steers your thoughts. Everything is done to perfection in this scene. Everything has a personal touch and the pussy eating that ends the scenes last ten minutes is some of the best giving and receiving of Alexis Fawx’s career. This is must-see. It is intense and everything your would expect from these two and maybe even a little more. Once again, Alexis and Ricky make something sexy beyond words.


Alexis FawxChapter 4: Alexis Fawx and Angela White

Scene Features: 5-Star Breast Play, Lingerie, Costumes, 5-Star Dirty Talk, 5-Star Teasing


The Reveal:


So, how do you top the previous three scenes? By timing standards, this film already reaches the constraints of what most feature film require to be award-worthy. This, it is something more. As you see the tears rolling down her face, you see that this is something emotional for Alexis. So, to see how much these women love, how much they care and even more so, how important everything is that goes into what they create and the people they touch. This is once again one hundred percent real Alexis Fawx and this had to have been so tugging on her emotions. It is pure brilliance. How many times are you told at work, “do what you want, with who you want and any way you wish to work, we will make that happen and you will get paid for any direction you take us?” That never happens and those tears you see are of a woman’s beautiful journey that has reached a place she only once dreamed about. For her to share that with fans, that is as rare as it gets porn fans and we still have Angela White coming. They set the scene with wigs, with massive backdrop and lighting, this one is the atom bomb of the arsenal that is Alexis’s showcase. Angela simply tells us something that we never get to see, that she has watched Alexis work. That little nugget of fantasy is something that I can tell you created this scene. Two brains, two imaginations, two visions, two of the most beautiful human beings on the planet coming together to end this film the way it needs to be. My goodness, I could not stop watching the intro. Pure fascination. It is a wonder to see every side of Alexis and how much she cares. You see in her eyes the thoughts of her fellow performers and how much she is inspired by them and how much she wants them to know she is there for them too. Sheer and utter majesty is all I can say and it is what make porn stars the most amazing human bings on earth.


The Encounter:

Alexis Fawx and Angela White 

With two mega-stars like this, you simply must not know what is coming. The background looks like something out of the not too distant future. The pink neon light glows strong and makes every movement and every look of these ladies shine even amongst the shadows. With each bite, lick, and thrust you see the power of these two superstars and it is immediately known from the breast play that this scene is going to bring the house down. You know, honestly, sometimes I do forget why Angela White has accomplished what she has. I can not believe I am saying this because Aidra is having such an amazing year, but a writer must always state the truth when he realizes it, Angela shows why she truly is the queen of eating pussy and Girl/Girl cinema. This is steamy, lust-filled action that will have the most steadfast hand tremble with lust and the most cleanly of vocabularies become vulgar in a flash. I was working well into the 4 AM hour when the shot of Angela pulling aside the fishnet onesie to taste the fruit of this sultry Fawx woke me up like three shots of Red Bull to gullet. The sharpness of Alexis’s amazing nipples tells you that she is every bit as excited as you are. The dance that Angela plays with miss Fawx’s stunning kitty is hypnotic and visual perfection. The camera goes back and forth and all around as Angela makes five minutes of teasing more sexual and alluring then most other performers can when they are eating pussy. Oh, this is a treat to watch. From the moment you see these two kiss and the lipstick is left smeared you know you are watching a girl/girl scene of the year masterpiece. Angela showcases Alexis and my oh my, it is like watching a fan fuck Alexis. Everything that a person’s heart can desire is done by these two lovely ladies in this closing chapter. As Alexis gets her turn in the driver’s seat, you may not have anything left to keep going. That is how powerful and provocative this film is. This scene alone packs enough punch as an entire film with other companies. How do you end a dream scene, a pairing that you may never, ever see again? First thing, you look at Angela’s fingers post orgasm and put yourself in her shoes and imagine that sight. Then, watch a first as you see Angela White slurping up all that cum as she goes back and forth finishing off Alexis in a climax for the ages. Oh, this scene may produce several heart attacks after viewership. It has so many levels of intensity. This is something porn fans of all sorts will cherish for a long time. Adult cinema like this is something that gets put in every fan’s “spice rack” and it will get weekly usage for a long extent of time, that I promise every viewer who takes this plunge.

Alexis Fawx 

Sight and Sound:

Never have I seen sight and sound blended together like it is in this film. Sal Genoa, Matt Holder, James Avalon, and Ricky Greenwood, they make the world of Alexis Fawx come to life. This is her not in a nutshell but in a DVD case. Every area of lighting was perfection. Every adjustment to audio was clean and magnificent. You become a part of the film when you see the onset antics and the shots of the production crew putting their heads and skills together. This is the most real adult film I have ever seen if that makes sense because even the audio brings reality to fans who do not know what it is like to create film and be next to porn stars and production people when making ideas come to life. The editing was flawless, you see camera angles that please every fan, even the old school followers who love to see the assets of their favorite starlets right in their faces. This is a work of living art.


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

Needless to say, this an newstrizhki.ru Pick. This is the best Girl/Girl film of the year so far; this is the best performer showcase of the year as well. This film deserves a nod for so much because of how real it is. Maybe it is fate that I get to review this film before it’s launch because what is amazing about Alexis and her casting alone is that she picked women who the fans know intimately but may never truly get to know the sides the director shocases here that because they will never meet these stars in the flesh. This film is like getting to ride in a car with a porn star for a two-day road trip. This film is a free pass into the mind of Alexis Fawx, that is no bullshit. You have no idea how lucky you are to have a performer who is willing to show you this side of herself and even more so, a director and production company that is willing to take a chance on one of the contract starlets ideas. Yes, many showcases have been made before with this company, but nothing compares to this film, nothing! The sex is epic, the scenery is stunning, the reality of the starlets is like getting the wind knocked out of you. Every scene features the best performers in the world and every scene gets better and better. You may see films that are all art, or films that bring you to your knees sexually, this film does both. This is a film that will be remembered for months after people have seen it. Hell, every performer who took part in it still feels that emotion that came from being on set and making this film. This may be the best Sweetheart Video of all time in my opinion and I say that not as a man but as a person who critiques these films for a living. This is one of a kind, this is as unique as it comes in this business. This is a reality that is greater than fiction and it is captured with pure passion and presented to you in the most flawless manner. That is what we all want to spend our money on. Something to engage our sexuality and emotion and this film, it will truly do more than that with so many types of fans.





"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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