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Studio: Deeper » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 7/10/19

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Manuel and Demi chokeplay

It is time to delve deeper into the richest forms of erotica. When a couple is daring enough to try new things in the confines of secure relationships magic can happen. Manuel Ferrara and Demi Sutra play into this sexual security when they decide to affirm trust by taking things to the next level. On a simply basic level, it can be viewed as just rougher tone but esoterically it is an exercise in trust. The Tushy/Vixen people brought us a new website called Deeper by Kayden Kross late last year. She is a true visionary that steps in front of the camera and behind it while using performers like Demi Sutra and her own better half, Manuel Ferrara, as characters in this new take. One look at the serious approach of Deeper.com and you can tell right away this is more than just fetishes realized on a new marketing scale. This is an exercise in new tones of erotic art for curious minds.

The Vixen group is daring enough to hand Kayden these new brush strokes to strengthen an already apparent presence. This episode appropriately titled "Stronger" is a tale of this triumphant tryst and also my first foray into Deeper. Out of all the scenes to investigate this was the one I needed to make time with first. Manuel is a familiar face to seasoned porn viewers and Demi Sutra is a new beauty that needs to be seen in action. It has all the makings of a proper porn journey that is taking viewers into new territory with a video length that seems reasonably digestible and a cast that is proven.


Streaming qualities

As with most member sites that allow you to stream and download their content you’re given plentiful options in terms of video quality. Take the streaming options for example which scales all the way down to 360p while going up to 4K Ultra HD. This is most likely to support varying connection speeds. The same can be said if you download the video onto your hard drive. You’ll be allowed qualities all the way up to 4K but the space needed is almost 5GB so be prepared to make room for it. Downloading it at smaller file sizes is applicable and goes down to 270p for mobile devices if need be. A detailed gallery of artistic stills can be downloaded or sifted through on the site. Whispering dialogue in the form of pillow talk between the characters starts the scene. A firm ass smack cracks audibly to show examples of the intricacies in the auditory landscape.  Having a detailed surround sound setup or even headphones will compliment this.


Cast: Demi Sutra, Manuel Ferrara
Studio: Deeper.com
Directed By: 
Kayden Kross
Release Date: June 18th, 2019
Approx. Run Time: 27 mins.


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Stronger title

“I keep leaving the same way I came to you..” A phrase whispered softly by Demi Sutra with nothing but a black screen and a voice. Then her head rises into view to hover over a bedside lover. Manuel Ferrara is beside Demi Sutra for the Deeper episode titled “Stronger”. Their dialogue is poetic as imagery flashes before the screen of Demi’s booty being smacked and Manuel spray painting a circle around her naked body lying on the floor. Demi wants something more as this artistic montage implies. Chokeplay crashes into view as Manuel furiously stimulates her pussy while clutching her neck. Added sound effects add to the intensity of this setup. A bite mark on her arm is zoomed into in this fast-moving art piece of an intro. As Manuel and Demi roll around in bed then she raises her arm up to focus on the teeth marks left by Manuel’s mouth. All of this imagery being shot at the viewer before the bold words “Stronger” splash on the screen representing Demi Sutra’s hunger for something more.

Spray painting around Demi

The actual sex starts rampantly as Demi is on top of Manuel digging her face into his. This face mashing kissing includes Manuel slapping Demi’s tits before he flips her on her stomach in order to bury his face into her supple butt. As he slurps deep between her cheeks he sensually claws her back.  This turns into voracious pussy eating with handfuls of boobs being grasped as Demi moans loudly.

 Manuel chokeplay with Demi

The detail to sound is intricate as you hear Manuel Ferrara breathing into Demi’s vagina during his mastication of it. They break out of the pussy eating to merge faces again in these passionate bouts of mouth marrying kisses. Manuel makes sure to keep his hands around Demi Sutra's throat throughout this encounter. This even happens while she stimulates her own pussy while moaning back at his face.  Now she slowly lowers to start a cock eating blowjob. Manuel compliantly pokes her face at a rapid pace. Some stringers leak out of Demi’s mouth as he pulls her face to his so he can kiss it some more.  The blowjob becomes messier as the camera sits near Manuel's head to give a point of view angle as he lays down to have his penis devoured.

grappling sex

After slaps to Demi’s face, Manuel begins to bore into her vagina in a clutching of spooning. You will see Manuel’s fat cock plowing into her orifice while he stimulates it and switches hands to choke her out some more during this. Demi Sutra gets back on top to start up a rapid ride of cowgirl in the pussy. The controlled chaos of this scene captured with a steadily hovering camera moving with the motions of rough sex. Demi slides off of cowgirl to ride Manuel’s face with her pussy. An up-close blowjob happens soon after some more riding on the wiener in cowgirl again. The scene is rolling along so fast that this is more of a science in the form of rough sex rather than simple chemistry. They eventually end up on the floor and off of the bed from where most of the slamming sex was occurring.

Demi Sutra on top.

Down on the ground, they are banging into each other for a quick dance of doggy style. Manuel dismounts her to make her beg for how much harder she wants it. She arches over the bed to eventually enable Manuel to reinsert himself for more thwapping bangs of doggy style. This morphs into standing doggy as Demi Sutra is pulled into close to Manuel’s throes of humping. A slow setup of reverse cowgirl is exacted but you can expect it to skyrocket to match the overall speed of this strong scene.

Scene finishing

And a strong finish is what you’ll get as Manuel pumps his cock right in Demi’s face. Not without slapping it and making her beg for the ejaculate he is about to launch on her face. The oozing load decorates a satisfied Demi as she sips the residual ball batter out of Manuel's large dick tip. He reaches for her neck once more as he pushes her against the end of the bed. He walks out of frame to allow Demi Sutra to observe the markings left on her getting exactly what she wanted.  The screen blurs to a fade before splashing the Deeper.com logo one final time.


The sheer artistic level of this erotica shows that porn films can indeed surpass mainstream. I’ve felt this before with the very same director at the helm for another film I reviewed of hers, this is the marking of Kayden Kross. With shots and angles that can outshine programming on channels like HBO or Showtime while maintaining contextual integrity. Deeper.com I feel is all about this, turning pornography into something more and showing outsiders that the adult industry means business. The opening of the scene is a quick jab of an artsy premise that leads to a thunderstorm of rough sex. I was happy that I selected “Stronger” as my first Deeper episode to witness and I can only expect more. There is a whole website of erotic adventures from a true to form production house that allowed Deeper to exist in the first place. Deeper.com is from the masterminds of the Tushy/Vixen/Blacked brands that took their prestigious style a step further with a director like Kayden Kross. This type of quality must be seen by avid adult entertainment supporters and outsiders alike. It is highly recommended for this reason. At a length of just under half an hour, the short attention spans of basic porn fans are taken into account. It can only reward curiosity even if BDSM/rough sex isn't your thing. Just watch the scene once to see what this level of strength is all about.

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