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Lesbian Psychodramas 32

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 7/7/19

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Genre: Lesbian, Storyline


Cast: Reagan Foxx, Sophia Lux, Jill Kassidy, Jayden Cole, Angela White, Dana DeArmond, Jenna Sativa, Vera King

Director: B. Skow

Length: 2 hrs. 55 min.

Release Date: March 22, 2019

Extras: Photo Gallery and Trailers


Overview: The wonderful team at Girlfriends Films brings us yet another entry in their series of twisted lesbian-themed tales with Lesbian Psychodramas 32. The set contains two stories, the first of which concerns lesbian lovers Reagan Foxx and Sophia Lux who get their kicks out of role-playing while fooling Jill Kassidy and Jayden Cole, followed by a tale of Dana DeArmond as she tries to break up the relationship of her sister Vera King and Angela White, with the help of Jenna Sativa. It's another very well made production from the award-winning masters at Girlfriends.


Scene One: Reagan Foxx and Jayden Cole


We start with Reagan Foxx and Sophia Lux, a lesbian couple who get off on role-playing and using unsuspecting couples as their playthings. They check into a B&B and tell Jill Kassidy and Jayden Cole that they are a mother and daughter, Reagan being a massage therapist with Sophia as one in training. Later that night Jayden volunteers to be their client. Covered with a white towel she tells them about some pains she's having in her hips, Sophia spreading her legs to get a better view. Reagan gently caresses the inside of her thighs, raising the towel and exposing Jayden's cleanly shaved pussy. Slowly and sensuously she slides one finger in. She massages Jayden's g-spot, Jayden enjoying the sensation when Reagan slips in two fingers and starts rubbing her clit. She fingerbangs Jayden bringing her to orgasm and asks her when was the last time she's had sex. Once they're in the bedroom we're treated to the trademark excellence that we've come to expect from Girlfriends Films. Lots of slow, intimate and very passionate foreplay as Reagan and Jayden make out while slowly removing their clothes, of in Jayden's case her towel. Lots of caressing, a little toe sucking, and eventually Jayden is laying back, legs spread with Reagan going down on her pussy. While holding her hand Reagan licks and sucks on Jayden's pussy, Jayden cumming in her mouth with quiet little gasps and jerks. Jayden then lays back in Reagan's arms, kissing her as Reagan masturbates her pussy making her cum again. They shift around and then Reagan lays back with her pussy wide open as Jayden rubs her clit and sucks on her tit. She makes her way down and soon she eating Reagan's pussy, sensuously licking her lips and clit with Reagan grabbing her tit and gasping as the waves of pleasure hit her pussy with every lap of Jayden's tongue. With a very quiet intensity, the beautiful Reagan Foxx cums in Jayden's mouth, twitching with every convulsion.


They then lay in each other's arm, Jayden turning to her side as Reagan rubs her pussy again while they kiss each other. Before she can cum, Reagan goes back down between Jayden's legs and eats her pussy some more, this time bringing her to another orgasm. They then sit up and hug and kiss some more, their legs intertwining with each other while they worship each other's bodies. Eventually, Reagan lays back and Jayden starts scissoring her. She rubs against pussy against Reagan's, tribbing and grinding against it until they both cum on each other. Jayden then lays on her stomach and Reagan eats her pussy out from behind making her cum one last time before Jayden flips over and ending the scene with the two of them embraced in each other's arms and Jayden's legs spread open giving us one last shot of her perfect pussy.


Scene Two: Jill Kassidy and Sophia Lux


Reagan goes to Sophia's room where she finds her and Jill talking. She mentions to Jill about her wanting to learn some massage stuff, so she says why not practice on Sophia. She makes Sophia take off her robe and lay down naked. She then proceeds to show Jill all of the pressure points, mostly inside of Sophia's thighs and her pussy. Sophia tells them that she's feeling a lot of tension in her clit, whereupon Jill applies pressure to it with her fingers. Reagan then tells Jill to stick her fingers in to massage Sophia's pelvic muscles. Sophia lays back and smiles as she enjoys Jill's fingers inside of her pussy and her thumb on her clit. Reagan tells her to kiss her while she's rubbing her, Jill's wet mouth and hand making Sophia cum. They continue kissing, Jill shedding her clothes until she's on her back with her legs pinned behind her and Sophia eating her pussy. She buries her mouth on Jill's pussy, sucking it until she cums. Jill then kisses her juices off and Sophia lays back for Jill to ride her face. She bucks her hips as her pussy dances on Sophia's tongue making her cum again. Jill then goes down between Sophia's legs devouring her pussy giving her a spasmodic orgasm in Jill's mouth.


Jill then climbs up and kisses Sophia some more before going between her legs and tribbing her. They bump and grind their pussies together giving them both screaming orgasms as Sophia lightly chokes Jill. They then sit up and rub each other's pussies making each other cum again before Jill lays back and Sophia rides her face. Jill laps up Sophia's pussy to orgasm before Jill goes on all fours and Sophia eats her out from behind. With quick darting motions Sophia tongues Jill's pussy until she cums again and then they swap, Jill eating Sophia out from behind. She rubs her clit while licking her asshole making Sophia cum again before Sophia lays back one more time for Jill to eat her out missionary again. Jill's tongue flicks Sophia's clit while she fingerbangs her pussy giving Sophia one last explosive orgasm, the scene ending as most do, with them nestled in each other's arms kissing.


Scene Three: Jenna Sativa and Vera King


We switch gears for the second story concerning Dana DeArmond and her sister Vera King. Vera is in love with Angela White, a woman she met in one of those bullshit lesbian reassignment sessions, which Vera only joined to pick up chicks in the first place. Everything is going well, except for Dana who wants to break the couple up so she can get with Angela. With the help of Jenna, they devise a plan in which Jenna will fuck Vera and make her fall in love with her and thereby leaving Angela for Dana. So, while Vera is trying on clothes for her date with Angela, Jenna acts more and more flirty until eventually she and Vera are making out. After some foreplay, they wind up on the bed and Jenna goes down on Vera's pussy. Her tongue gently circles her clit Vera convulses with every flick. Jenna laps up Vera's pussy making her cum in her mouth before she lays back and Vera starts eating her pussy. She sucks and licks Jenna's hairy hole until eventually she gives Jenna a screaming convulsive orgasm. Very climbs up and starts rubbing her thigh against Jenna's pussy, grinding her leg against her clit until she cums again.


Vera then lays back and Jenna climbs up to ride her face. Vera spreads her pussy wide as she tongues Jenna's pussy. Jenna then spins around and they go into a 69, Jenna twerking her ass on Vera's mouth as she rubs and eats Vera's pussy until they both cum in each other's mouths. Jenna then climbs off and goes back down on Vera, eating her pussy missionary and fingerbanging her until she cums again. Jenna then duplicates Vera from before and starts rubbing her pussy against Vera's leg. She then gets on all fours and Vera starts eating her out from behind. Vera gets right up in Jenna's pussy, sucking on her clit and rubbing her cunt giving her another amazing orgasm. They then lay side by side kissing when Jenna reaches down and fingerblasts Vera's pussy making her cum one last time.


Scene Four: Angela White and Dana DeArmond


The always, always, always amazing and hysterical Dana DeArmond convinces Vera to break up with Angela after having had sex with Jenna. I won't reveal what she tells her, that's just too outrageous, but it works. And now that Angela is single Dana is there to comfort her. She gives her hugs and flattery and a kiss which leads to them feeling up each other. Things get more passionate and heated and eventually Dana is laying with her legs spread for Angela. Angela pinches and teases Dana's pussy before engulfing it with her mouth. Dana pulls her legs back and Angela starts sucking her asshole making Dana pant like a dog in ecstasy. She then starts fingering her, but of course, one finger wouldn't be enough for Dana. No, Angela has her whole hand up Dana's pussy. She spits in Dana's mouth and fucks her with her hand while sucking on her clit driving Dana even crazier than she already is. After cumming on Angela's hand, Angela pulls it out and it's coated with Dana's juices which Angela drips back on Dana's pussy, the rest making Dana suck off of her fingers. Angela then climbs up and rubs her thigh against Dana's pussy, Dana crying as she grinds on Angela's leg while she chokes her.


After making her cum again Dana flips over and Angela smacks her ass before eating her ass out and rubbing and pinching her clit. Angela makes Dana play with her own pussy as she takes her foot and sticks it down her panties, masturbating herself with Dana's foot. Using her foot as a dildo Angela grinds her pussy against it until she cums. Dana pulls her foot out and sucks Angela's pussy juices off of it and then starts playing with Angela's pussy with her toes. She sticks a couple up inside of her, fucking her with her foot while Angela sucks on the other one. She tries to deep throat Dana's foot while Dana rubs her pussy before laying back for Dana to eat her. Dana fingers Angela's pussy as she licks Angela's clit bringing her to another orgasm. Dana then lays on her back and Angela slaps her with her boobs while she plays with Dana's pussy. With a mouthful of Dana's pussy, Angela then presses her foot down on Dana's throat choking her while she cums in Angela's mouth. Angela then sits on Dana's stomach, Dana sucking part of the time on Angela's foot, and fisting her again while rubbing her clit until she explodes again.


Angela then attempts to sit on Dana's face, however after not being able to breathe Dana instead just goes down on her again, working her mouth on Angela's pussy and bringing her to another orgasm. Dana then sucks on Angela's foot while Angela rubs her pussy until she cums again before Dana laying back and Angela eating her pussy. She tongues and sucks on Dana's pussy and asshole making Dana burst into song as she cums, hitting Mariah Carey notes. Angela gives Dana's died green pussy multiple orgasms with her mouth before they both sit up kissing and Dana rubs Angela's pussy one more time for one more orgasm and bringing to a close one of the wildest and most outrageous lesbian scenes I've seen this year. But then again I wouldn't expect anything less from the terrific combo of Dana DeArmond and Angela White!


Final Thoughts: Like many of the entries in this award-winning series it's definitely an acquired taste. It is not your typical collection of lesbian porn scenes. These are amazingly well-conceived stories of crazy and slightly taboo situations that some just might find off-putting. It has all of the elements that are familiar with the Girlfriends Films style, heavy on the foreplay with lots of beautiful sensuality and passion, with just a dash of audacity in contrast to their other series. And as with the other entries, it's the performances that really shine. From the beautifully maturity of Reagan Foxx to the hilarious and complete outlandishness of Dana DeArmond, every performer brings their own style of sexiness while also holding their own performance wise. While this series is not for everyone, it's still technically a very well made production that I can definitely Recommend.

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