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Dredd 6

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 6/30/19

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Feature Running Time:  3 hours

Date of Production: 2018

Genre: Interracial; Big Cock; Gonzo

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in HD

Director: Jules Jordan

Cast: Abigail Mac, Jane Wilde, Sophia Leone, Riley Reyes, Dredd

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap; Trailers for Dredd’s Devastation 2, Dredd’s Teen Devastation 2, Manuel’s Fucking POV 11, Manuel Opens Their Asses 7, Platinum Pussy 4; Behind the Scenes


Something director Jules Jordan does well is create a steamy fantasy with his starlets when they each do a solo tease at the beginning of their scenes. You can’t help but be turned on in Dredd 6 by these sexy sirens, Abigail Mac, Jane Wilde, Sophia Leone, and Riley Reyes, who put on a fantastic and inviting solo show for the camera. When they finish their tease, these girls become big black cock whores, begging mega meat man, Dredd, for his BBC. Dredd is up for it, stuffing each girl’s twat with a dick the size of some of their heads. I highly recommend Dredd 6. There’s no mistaking that this movie is a turn-on-of-a-flick from beginning to end. It features girls who prove their pussies can only be satisfied by the biggest, hardest cock in the biz. Dredd is the resident BBC cocksman, ready to pump and stretch tight white twats.

Scene 1:  Abigail Mac and Dredd

Abigail is a buxom brunette bombshell in her lacey lingerie when her scene opens. She’s outdoors on the balcony putting on a helluva solo tease. She slowly unties her lingerie, making a gift of her steaming hot bod. She squats and caresses her thighs and tits then gives us a great view of her ass while spreading her see-through lingerie across her ass cheeks. She makes her way up the staircase slowly with the camera in tow, focused in on her ass. At the top of the stairwell, in the bedroom, Dredd awaits. Abigail grinds up against a wall mirror as Dredd walks in to greet her. He unties her lingerie, promising to do everything to her. “Look at how fucking hot you are,” he tells Abigail as she bends over in standing doggy up against the mirror. Dredd kisses her plump ass cheeks then takes her over to the bed for more foreplay. Abigail straddles his body, grinding her ass back and forth on him, saying, “Don’t you want to fuck me?” She unzips his pants, revealing his huge cock and puts it in her mouth. It barely fits, but she strokes it back and forth, wrapping her lips around the head of his cock. She drools on his prick, keeping her eyes on his. Abigail wants Dredd to punish her for making a sloppy mess all over his big cock. She wants a spanking. Dredd spanks her round ass while she jerks his dick, making it harder and harder.

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Abigail strips for him, showing her how hard her nipples have gotten. She sucks his dick some more until Dredd says he can’t wait any longer. He wants his dick inside her. Abigail braves his big cock, sitting on it cowgirl style. His dick stretching out her tight pussy, barely fitting inside her. “I love the way you fuck me,” she screams as Dredd pumps her pussy, making it cream all over his cock. She sucks her pussy juices off his cock then rides it cowgirl again. After a deep pounding round, deep inside Abigail’s cunt, she sucks his cock clean then sits on it reverse cowgirl style, bouncing up and down on his pole. “That’s exactly what I wanted,” she tells him. Dredd pounds her hole, sending every inch of his prick inside Abigail’s twat. He spoon fucks her next, making her cum. “Push it deep and hold it,” she screams. Deep penetrating doggy fucking on the couch comes next, keeping Abigail’s pussy stretched out. “Take the fucking pussy,” she screams. “Use it!” she yells until she cums on his cock. She climbs off for more cock sucking, swallowing his balls and licking his shaft until he pops in her mouth. Abigail blows bubbles with Dredd’s spunk, swallowing it in one big load.

Scene 2: Jane Wilde and Dredd

Jane is a wild one, opening her scene outdoors at the pool in tight, bright red shorts that hug her ass cheeks. She teases us up against the wall, grinding her body back and forth and twisting her ass around and around. She walks closer to the camera doing an interview with Jules. She’s here to get nasty and get her all natural, perky 19-year old pussy plucked by Dredd’s big dick. She shows off her goods, giving us a great view of her juicy ass. “I want big black dick in my mouth and all the way down my throat,” she says. “I want big black dick in my pussy, and I want big black dick up my tight little ass hole,” she tells Jules. Just then, Dredd walks up. The two kiss as Jane massages Dredd’s cock in his pants. He takes his cock out of his pants for her. She giggles, wondering what she’s going to do with this huge dick. “If any cock deserves to be worshipped, it’s this one,” she tells Dredd. Jane starts by getting his cock wet, spitting on it then putting it in her mouth. She tries to fit the head of his dick in her mouth but can barely fit it all the way in without gagging. Dredd strips her out of her tight shorts and spanks her ass before licking her cunt. He tongues her ass hole, too, making Jane moan. She spreads her ass cheeks open, causing her hole to gape.

Dredd tries penetrating her pussy with his cock, but she’s so tight, he has trouble working it inside her. He pumps her twat again and again, sending more and more inches of dick deep inside Jane. “That is one big cock,” she screams while holding her ass cheeks open. He pulls out and Jane marvels at the size of his cock again. She strokes and sucks it some more before being carried indoors by Dredd. Once there, Dredd continues his quest to stretch out her pussy. He sits her on his dick in a standing cowgirl, bouncing her up and down on his huge pole, sending it further and further up her cunt. He lies her on the couch on her back for a round of missionary. Jane’s eyes roll back into her head as she cums from her big dick drilling. Dredd fucks her face then focuses on her tight ass hole next. He plugs her sphincter with his cock and drills it. “I want you to stretch that ass out with that huge dick,” Jane screams. Dredd does just that, leaving her ass hole gaping wide open when he pulls out. Jane goes in for ass to mouth, tasting her own anal cavity then she does the impossible. She rides his cock reverse cowgirl style up her ass. The anal devastation continues doggy style as Dredd sends his dick that keeps on giving deep inside Jane’s shit box. Jane proves that her ass hole is open for big dick business by hosting Dredd’s mega man meat inside. She strokes and sucks his cock, begging for his cum. Dredd blows his load on her tongue. She licks the remaining threads of spunk off his dick then swallows. “I got the biggest black dick in my ass,” she says. “I’m so happy.”

Scene 3: Sophia Leone and Dredd

The incredibly gorgeous Sophia Leone is here, all the way from Miami. She’s dressed in red lingerie and says she’s about to have a lot of fun today with a big cock. She turns around, teasing the camera with her nice ass, bending over in standing doggy to showcase her cheeks. She walks over to the couch to get acquainted with Dredd. She wastes no time getting to know his dick, reaching for it and caressing it. Dredd unleashes his cock for her, taking his pants off. Sophia strokes his cock and is unsure she'd be able to suck such a big cock, but she will definitely try. She spits on his jawbreaker, getting it wet, then she focuses on sucking it. She works her mouth around his girth, trying to send it down her throat, but it’s too big. Sophia moves to his balls next, licking and sucking them. “Your balls taste good,” she says. The cock sucking continues with Sophia on her knees, worshipping Dredd’s monster meat. He strips her out of her lingerie then starts eating her pussy from behind in standing doggy. It’s time to introduce his monster cock to Sophia’s tight pussy.

She bends over doggy style on the couch and closes her eyes while Dredd stretches her tight pussy out. He keeps pumping and drilling her twat, sending more dick inside her. “Oh fuck,” she screams. “Right fucking there,” he says as he picks up the pace, slamming her pussy harder and faster. Sophia screams out, “fuck me,” as Dredd fills her up. “Give me every fucking inch of it,” Sophia moans. She turns around and sucks his creamy cock then rides it cowgirl style. Dredd takes over, pounding her pussy hard and deep until she cums all over his cock. She climbs off and sucks his cock clean then sits on it for a round of reverse cowgirl. Dredd spoon fucks Sophia’s tight pussy and we can see just how wet her twat is. His cock is covered in her juices. After a round of missionary, Sophia gets back to her oral worship. She sucks his balls while he strokes his dick. Dredd stands over her and shoots his sperm down her throat. She sucks his dick then plays with the cum on her tongue. “Tastes good,” she says after swallowing it.

Scene 4: Riley Reyes and Dredd

Dredd needs some financial advice. Lucky for him, Riley shows up to offer him help diversifying his funds. She’s a financial advisor and is excited to help Dredd out. She introduces herself and says she’s here to help him adjust to his recent financial changes. He doesn’t know how he’s going to budget for all this income that’s about to come in. He tells her he’s in the acting field and he also does some pipe laying, which has become very lucrative for him. This is a first for Riley, but she looks him up online to learn more about the projects he’s working on. She comes across his porn flicks and can’t believe how big his cock is. “That’s a camera trick, right?” she asks. She says with a cock that big, Dredd should insure it. She wants to see what he’s working with. Dredd drops his pants, surprising Riley. She handles his cock with both hands and is in disbelief. Jules asks her to try to fit it in her mouth. Riley doesn’t believe it will fit, but she wraps her lips around it, getting it wet. “You’re an expert cocksucker,” Jules tells her. “I don’t put everything on my business card,” she says. Riley continues to work on Dredd’s big cock, stroking and sucking it.

She takes off her clothes and bends over in standing doggy as Dredd licks her pussy and ass hole. Riley loves the feeling, giggling while Dredd’s tongue whips her clit. She compares his cock to the size of her arm then bends over in standing doggy to get her pussy stretched. Dredd pounds her twat and spanks her ass, keeping Riley screaming in pleasure. “That pussy is all yours,” she yells out. “Pound that little pussy,” she tells him. “I fucking want it,” she tells him. Dredd pulls out to give Riley a taste of her own cunt off his cock. She sucks his dick then hosts it inside her, missionary style. Riley’s ass is on the menu, too. Dredd opens her cavity with his cock then pulls out and stuffs his cock in her mouth for nasty ass to mouth. The anal romance turns to doggy fucking up the ass as we watch Dredd’s dick plug Riley’s ass hole. Missionary and cowgirl up the ass destroy Riley’s tight little hole. “Let me clean it off,” she tells him as she begins another round of ass to mouth. She gets her ass hole stuffed again, this time reverse cowgirl style. More ass to mouth leads Riley to her popshot payoff as Dredd shoots his spunk in her mouth.

Final Thoughts:

I highly recommend Dredd 6 with its scene after scene of over the top big black cock fucking tight white twats. Abigail Mac, Jane Wilde, Sophia Leone, and Riley Reyes take on the Dredd challenge and they succeed in getting their pussies and ass holes stretched wide open. Riley and Jane take home the top prize, hosting Dredd’s ginormous girth deep in their anal cavities. Dredd destroys their ass holes, leaving them gaping as if begging for more cock. Director Jules Jordan creates incredibly hot fantasies in the opening of each of the four scenes as the four sirens put on a sultry solo tease that turns you on from the opening seconds. Overall, this flick is good IR porn that features starlets who thrive on getting their insides pounded by what has to be the biggest dick in the biz.

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