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Gina Valentina's Dirty Lil' Movie

Studio: Penthouse » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 6/22/19

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Genres: Comedy, All-Sex, Feature (Kind of)
Director: Gina Valentina
Writers: Sam Phillips & Gerald de Behr   

Cast: Adria Rae, Emily Willis, Gina Valentina, Harmony Wonder, Chad Alva, Danny Mountain, Robby Echo, Romeo Price
Length: 1 hour 45 minutes
Date of Release: March 8, 2019
Extras: Penthouse.com Teaser, 3 Photo Galleries
Bonus Scene: Scarlett Bllom, Alex Jones, Olive Glass (Non-Sex) 'Artistic Perversions'
Condoms: None
Audio/Video Quality: Solid on both fronts. 16:9 presentation, well-lit, well recorded. No complaints here.  

Gina Valentina

The multi-talented, multi-award nominated, Penthouse Pet of The Year makes her directorial debut (in the buff) with this movie. Gina Valentina takes the reins in this comedic version of making a feature porn film. No, it's not really a feature porn film, per se, but it's entertaining all the way from start to finish. If you like your girls pretty, small, and energetic to get paired with great male talent and just go to town, this will be right up your alley once the sex scenes start. Before they start, you'll sit through a few minutes of well-acted and well-scripted setup scenes. I don't really know how to classify this one...I'm going with "mockumentary" for now but I don't think that's exactly what it is. I think this will find a nice home on your porno shelf or wherever you keep your stash of the good stuff.
Scene 1: Emily Willis, Romeo Price

Emily Willis
Emily Willis burst onto the scene with a couple of shoots in 2017 but in 2018 she shot a massive amount of titles for dozens of studios, big and small. Those efforts got her noticed by fans and critics alike and she garnered Best New Starlet nominations from multiple award organizations. Oh, did I mention she's also a Penthouse Pet, a Twistys Treat, and a Girlsway Girl? Yeah, if she hasn't captured your focus yet then you should rectify that situation immediately.

Emily Willis

Here, she is playing the girlfriend to Romeo Price, who also earned himself Best Newcomer nominations when he joined the industry a decade ago. The pair are on a porn shoot but Gina has to step in and help them deal with a problem that may derail her movie. After a bit of coaxing they agree to shoot the scene and get down to business. They trade some oral favors and Price gets down to pounding. Come Emily's turn to control the action, she demonstrates just why so many people have fallen in love with her. She rides with abandon, not afraid to slap her ass down hard and fast and then inhale him balls deep while reversing her riding position. Romeo's not afraid to slam back as she pauses to slap at her shaven slit while spewing the occasional dirty phrase. The duo dance through multiple positions that are covered from some very nice angles by the camera crew, giving us plenty of great views of Emily's tight little body and her smiling face. It's during a spooning that Price pulls out and showers her non-existent patch with his pudding.
Scene 2: Adria Rae, Robby Echo

Adria Rae

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Adria Rae and Robby Echo are another pair of performers that both got nods of recognition upon their entrances into the industry. Fans of Robby might be familiar with his pinned tweet video of him doing a handstand on a skateboard, naked, somewhere in downtown LA. If not, you might want to go see it.

Adria Rae

A wrench gets thrown into the plot and Gina decides to just shoot the scene at the kitchen table once lunch has been cleared away and our duo starts off with tons of passionate kissing, Adria's famous tattoos clearly visible as her clothes get stripped away. Of course, the tats are just a secondary thing to look at after you dwell on her shining face while Robby enjoys a snack from between her legs. Rae also gets a chance to show off her oral skills as Echo slides in and out of her mouth. Now, don't get me wrong, Adria has one of the tightest little bodies in the biz but honestly, it's really hard to tear your gaze away from her eyes when they are in the frame, even if they are closed. I know that sounds odd but if you are familiar with her work you fully understand what I mean. Her B-Cups bounce with every thrust from Robby as he takes her on the dining bench. When it comes time for her to bounce, her voice goes an octave or so higher and a look of absolute determination occupies her face while Robby hammers into her from below. After a bit of doggie drilling, a crossfade brings us to the pair having moved onto some piledriving action on the floor, Adria's voice now even higher - seemingly trying to communicate with dolphins as she squeaks and moans. Robby is busy holding her foot in his mouth, most likely to hold off the inevitable cock explosion for just another moment until finally deciding to just go for it and pound her relentlessly and have her finish him off with her hand, jizz spewing everywhere.
Scene 3: Harmony Wonder, Chad Alva

Harmony Wonder
Industry newcomer, Harmony, is paired up with a porno vet, Chad. Our scene starts with Gina walking in on the two who are already engaging in some oral play and she has to put a stop to it so they don't ruin their upcoming scene. Once that scene starts, Wonder's nipples are in full high-beam mode as Chad peels off her clothes and licks and fingers her kitty. He also makes sure to give her butthole a good tonguing. Fans of tiny asses will enjoy Miss Wonder as she goes for a ride after giving a slobbery BJ.

Harmony Wonder

As Harmony climbs aboard the good ship Alva, Chad shows her he's in control as he pummels her from below, Wonder occasionally showing off her own bouncing technique which is fast and furious. It almost becomes a contest between the two as they trade tempos and rhythms, Harmony's tiny tits bouncing as she rides in reverse, her voice also approaching dolphin-calling territory as the pair roll through one position after another. At the intro of the scene, she, Chad, and Gina talk about the fact that Harmony is often confused for our director and as she getting hammered in doggie it's even more apparent than in the original setup scene, her facial expressions are totally reminiscent of Gina's. Alva puts the new starlet through her paces and blows a fairly impressive stream all up the length of her body as she lies on her back.
Scene 4: Gina Valentina, Danny Mountain

Gina Valentina
There's been a flight problem with the starlet who is supposed to be in this scene so Gina has to step in to save the day. She doesn't mind that because it's with Danny fuckin' Mountain. Yes, fellow Valentina fans, this is your moment. Gina gets busy right away with the ol' slurp and jerk with Danny complimenting her directing prowess as she inhales his shaft, streams of drool spilling from her chin. Danny's another seasoned pro and enjoys a nice box lunch after Gina has covered her body in slobber.

Gina Valentina

Gina seems to forget she's directing this film because she is way too busy bouncing on Danny's dick, her tiny Brazilian booty moving with precision. Mountain's face is awesome to watch as his expression implies that he's trying to figure out whether he should be doing his taxes in his head or thinking about baseball stats in order to keep this scene going as Gina just fucking works him relentlessly. There's a reason Gina got nominated for Best New Starlet one year followed by Performer of the Year the next, people! This girl has skills. It's not often that the male talent in a scene is very vocal but Mountain is the one praying in this scene as Gina rides him in reverse, only quieting down as he concentrates on hammering her. Gina climbs off of him to slob his knob some more, her Penthouse necklace shining in the light as she sucks him and fingers herself. The duo join each other in prayer as they move to doggie, Gina momentarily having a moment of clarity as she praises his pounding rather than talking to the heavens. As she flips into missionary, her eyes glaze over as she tries to maintain eye contact but it's obvious that both of them have moved onto a different plane of existence and are now unconsciously working toward some "best sex scene" nods come awards time.  

Gina Valentina
Final Thoughts: LOL. Fuck Yeah, Gina. I've been trying to come up with a catchy name for this "genre" of porn but I just don't have one. Look, people, I don't really know how to classify this one. It's really an all-sex collection of four scenes with comedic interludes shot in a mockumentary style. Gina Valentina plays her role as the director of this movie a bit over-the-top but that totally works and I'm pretty sure it's exactly what she was aiming for. Well, she hit that bullseye dead center, folks. It's funny. It's tongue-in-cheek. It's well shot and it features a great cast. Some are new, some are veterans, it doesn't matter because it is light-hearted fun wrapping around some awesomely filmed sex. Look for this title and specifically the last scene to show up in award noms at the end of this year. The "outtakes" of this movie roll right into the movie itself and I think we have to recognize the writers and the editor for making that work so well. So, to sum it up, it's well written, well performed, well lit, the audio is crisp and clear, the sex ranges from hot to ultra-hot. What's not to love? The one thing that did irk me was the Bonus Scene was totally uncredited so I had to reach out to a number of industry members to figure out who it was and where it originated.

Gina stated in the beginning that although she is the 2018 Penthouse Pet of the Year she couldn't believe they were trusting her with making a movie. Well, obviously the powers that be at that studio knew exactly what they were doing. It's great. I was kind of leaning toward giving this our highest rating but that uncredited scene part and the fact that there are so few chapter stops dropped my rating just a tad. If you're looking to buy a disc you'll watch again and again, this should be on your short list. Highly Recommended.

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