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Cold Night In December, A

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 6/22/19

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Genre: Storyline Feature


Cast: Adriana Chechik, Emma Hix, Riley Reid, Keiran Lee, Jake Adams

Writer/Director: Francois Clousot

Release Date: Feb. 27, 2019

Length: 2 hrs. 16 min.

Condoms: None

Extras: Photo Gallery


Overview: In this very light tale of corruption, murder and lust, the stunningly beautiful Adriana Chechik plays an ice cold-hearted miser who gets caught stealing from the company by her business partner, the straight-laced Keiren Lee. Before he can tell anyone Adriana murders him leading the business' accountant Riley Reid and co-worker Emma Hix to unravel the truth. For such a heavy plot Francois Clousot keeps the story light by filling it with breezy dialog and terrific sex scenes provided by a small but phenomenal cast.


Scene One: Adriana Chechik and Keiran Lee


It's Christmas time but there are no bonuses at Adriana Chechik's company, mainly because she's lining her pockets with the company's money. He business partner Keiran Lee confronts her on this, prompting Adriana to use her powers of seduction to keep him quiet, starting with rubbing an ice cube over her beautiful lips. When the head to the couch Keiran already has his cock out, Adriana dropping to her knees and deep throating it. Keiran fucks Adriana's mouth, shoving his cock to the back of her throat making Adriana gag on it, all the while stripping out of her business suit to her birthday suit. She stands up and Keiran eats her ass, sucking her asshole with Adriana bent over. She scrambles down onto the white pleather couch and spreads her legs for Keiran to go down on her. He buries his mouth into her pussy, Adriana writhing and gasping as Keiran eats her out while jacking his cock. After making her cum in his mouth he starts fucking her missionary, pounding her beautiful wet pussy until she cums again. Keiran then lays back on the couch and they go into a quick 69, Adriana slobbering on his cock while tastes her pussy juices off of his cock. She then climbs up and rides him, lowering her glistening wet pussy down on his cock while Keiran fucks her from underneath. The pounding of his cock up into her pussy makes her cum over and over as she pinches her nipples. She climbs off and sucks her juices off again, licking his balls while he jacks himself. Adriana also shows off a bit of acrobatic skill as she hand glides off of the arm of the couch while her head bobs up and down of Keiran's cock.


Keiran then grabs her and lays her on her side so he can spoon her from behind. He gives her a light choking as his cock pistons in and out of her pussy, Keiran reaching down from time to time to rub her clit as he fucks her giving her more orgasms. Adriana then sucks his cock some more and rubs her slobber all over her face using Keiran's cock as a paint brush. She climbs back up and rides him cowgirl, her pussy bouncing, gliding and grinding on Keiran's cock while Keiran fucks her pussy from underneath. She climbs off and cleans his cock again with her mouth before laying back, pussy spread open for Keiran as he sucks her juices off her pussy and fucking her missionary again. With her legs closed, he t-bones Adriana's tight pussy until he pulls out and shoots his load on her face. After the fucking Keiran tells Adriana he's still going to the authorities about her, and as he's walking to his car Adriana shoots him in a back alley and hides his body.


Scene Two: Emma Hix and Riley Reid


The company's accountant Riley Reid (also Keiran's girlfriend in the story) notices some discrepancies in the books and confronts Adriana about them, as well as Keiran's whereabouts. The cold and calculating Adriana tells her not to worry about it and to get back to work. Adriana's secretary and crime drama fan Emma Hix overhears the conversation and tells Riley her suspicions about Adriana offing Keiran. This upsets Riley and Emma tries to apologize and comfort her, Emma's sympathetic ways turning to compassion as her pets on Riley lead to them making out. The clothes start coming off and soon Emma is on the table on all fours with Riley eating her ass out from behind. She licks her asshole and rubs her clit before lapping up and sucking on her pussy and soon Emma is cumming in her mouth.


Emma kisses her sweet pussy juices off of Riley's mouth and then Riley lays back for Emma to eat her out. She flicks Riley's clit and fingers her pussy driving Riley crazy before going down and licking her lips making Riley cum in her mouth. Emma then sits in a chair and Riley climbs up and rubs her pussy against Emma's. They bump clits with Riley grinding down on Emma's pussy and soon Riley is riding Emma side saddled in the chair, smashing her pussy against Emma's until they're both cumming on each other. Riley goes down on Emma, burying her face in her pussy giving Emma a beautifully intense orgasm before they go into a 69 on the table. Riley sits her pussy on Emma's face and bucks it on her tongue while she licks Emma's pussy, both of them exploding in each other's mouths.


Scene Three: Adriana Chechik, Emma Hix and Jake Adams


Emma and Riley try to think of a way to get evidence on Adriana when they eavesdrop on a conversation she has with her in house boy toy Jake Adams. The overhear that Adriana wants to bring another woman into their next tryst, which gives Emma the perfect opportunity to sneak into Adriana's house and find the evidence they need. So Emma starts hitting on Jake, which gets around to Adriana who invites her to her house tonight for some fun. That night Emma finds the info she needs before being summoned up to Adriana's bedroom where she finds Jake already between Adriana's legs going down on her pussy while wearing a dog chain and collar. Adriana takes the party to the bed where she hikes up Emma's dress and eats her pussy while Jake fucks her from behind. He slides his cock in and out of the gorgeous Adriana's dripping wet pussy while she licks and devours the beautiful Emma's pussy. Emma is such a terrific performer, begging Adriana to rub her clit and then telling her to cum on Jakes cock while rubs herself off and Adriana has a spasmic orgasm.


Adriana then climbs up and sits on Emma's face, Emma engulfing Adriana's pussy with her mouth while Jake gets up and fucks Emma missionary style. Adriana climbs off and watches as Jake plows the amazing Emma's beautiful pussy, Emma having multiple orgasms on Jake's ever pounding cock. It's almost magical watching Emma as she fucks Jake back, sliding her pussy back and forth on his cock. They then all switch around and Emma sits on Jake's face while Adriana climbs up and rides him. She slowly slides her pussy up and down Jake's cock, the pace building as she rides, while Emma has a sweetly intense orgasm on Jake's mouth. Adriana then climbs off and Emma maneuvers her way down and sits on Jake's cock reverse cowgirl. She bucks her hips on Jake's stiff rod, Adriana sucking Emma's juices off before putting it back in and Emma riding it to Chicago. The way she moves and wiggles her hips on Jake's cock is incredibly hot, grinding and dancing on him and bringing herself to multiple orgasms while Adriana sucks on his balls and tells Emma to keep fucking him while she cums.


Adriana sucks Emma's juices off and then lays down for Jake to fuck her missionary. With all of the cream from both of the ladies matted up in Jake's pubes, he slides his cock in and out of Adriana's pussy while Emma sits on her face, bucking her hips on Adriana's tongue. Adriana fingerbangs Emma as she cums on Jake's cock before Emma lays down beside her and masturbates her pussy while watching Adriana cum over and over. Jake then pulls out of Adriana and starts fucking Emma before Adriana moves her out of the way and sticks her ass up to him, prompting him to fuck her doggy style. He pistons his hard cock in and out of Adriana's pussy while Emma rubs her asshole making Adriana cum before she and Emma both scramble to the floor and Jake jerks his cum in Emma's mouth which she snowballs back and forth with Adriana.


Scene Four: Riley Reid and Keiran Lee


With Emma having found the evidence they need against Adriana she sends it to Riley back at the office, when low and behold who shows up but Keiran. Don't ask how he survived being shot, it's too ridiculous. More surprised that Riley is Adriana who discovers her and Emma's plot and returns to the scene of the crime only to find Keiran and Riley who tie her to a chair and wrap her up with a bow. They then cuckold her, forcing her to watch as Riley sucks Keiran's cock. She gulps and gags on it, coating it with her slobber before dropping her panties and riding it. Riley bounces on Keiran's cock, her wet pussy gliding up and down it as her hips buck. Keiran then wheels Adriana to the other side of the room and comes back to have Riley suck on his stiff cock. She expertly fucks his cock with her face, Keiran jamming it to the back of her throat.


He sits in a chair and Riley lowers her pussy down on his cock riding him reverse cowgirl. I just love how her wet pussy just glides up and down his cock, Keiran holding Riley still as he fucks her pussy from underneath making her cum. They then lay sideways on the couch and spoon just for a second before Keiran sits back and furiously jacks himself while Riley sucks his balls and licks his asshole. She gives him some superlative head before they go back to the spooning position and Keiran fucks her pussy from behind. With Riley's legs wide open and pointed up in the air Keiran diddles Riley's clit while he slides his cock in and out of her pussy bringing her to orgasm. They spoon for a while with a lot of nice close-ups on the cock and pussy action while Riley pulls on a handful of her patch while she cums. Riley then cleans Keiran's cock off with her mouth before climbing back up and riding him cowgirl some more. The look on Keiran Lee's face as Riley grinds her hips on his cock is priceless as he enjoys Riley's sweet tight pussy. She sucks his cock again and then lays back for Keiran to fuck her missionary. Still tugging on her pubes the adorable Riley takes Keiran's cock while she rubs her clit making her cum over and over. He then sits back again and jacks off while Riley licks his asshole before Riley gets on all fours on the couch and Keiran fucks her doggy style, Riley reaching underneath her and rubbing her clit and Keiran's balls before he finally pulls out and shoots his cum on Riley's sweet face.


Final Thoughts: I've really enjoyed the work I've been seeing from Francois Clousot this year. From The Ex-Girlfriend to Night Of Reckoning he's been delivering some very well made, well-written work, each one of them accentuated with wonderful casts and blazing hot sex scenes. A Cold Night In December can definitely be added to the list of accomplishments. (It helps that Clousot has his BFF Mike Quasar as a cameraman.) While it's not a very deep story it's still very well conceived. It has it's flaws. How Keiran Lee was able to survive Adriana gunshot is completely ridiculous. But that's a McGuffin we can overlook. It's the sex scenes that truly stand out in this one. There is so much energy and passion in all four of them that they keep the viewer glued the whole time. The threesome is the best scene, with Emma Hix giving such a scorchingly fantastic performance. While Adriana is the star, Emma was the scene stealer. And speaking of Adriana, she gives a surprisingly subdued performance here. Nothing really wild, no anal, and most astonishingly, she doesn't squirt! I would think maybe some of her fans might be a little put off by this, it's one of her trademark moves. But if they are they completely miss the fact that she's still one of the most beautiful and sexiest women in the industry today, and the performance she gives is still energetic and electrifying. Plus she plays the evil murdering bitch to a tee. The one complaint I truly have for this DVD, as I always do with Digital Playground releases lately, it how it was edited and mastered for the disc release. They should refrain from putting the trailers for each scene at the beginning. At least this time it's not the same scene looped over and over like previous releases. And they shouldn't have included the end credits at the end of every scene, especially since they misspelled Adriana Chechik's name.


Still, if you can overlook these flaws you'll find a truly great porn film that I Highly Recommend.

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