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Showcase: Jane Wilde

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 6/21/19

newstrizhki.ru's Advice:

The Girlsway.com Girl of the Month Showcase, it has come to be known as one of the most followed occurrences in the adult film world. There have been hits misses but what is always attached with each production is originality and a look into the mind of an adult actress and performer. Fans, this is where you really get to see how much you relate to the stars that you love. I think a lot of fans are curious to see just how kinky Jane Wilde can get and who will be her scene partner but what I think you should be looking for, is how well this beauty can create everything else that goes around the story and presentation of a fantasy. The film crew is at her disposal in some ways due to the fact they are there to create her vision and something tells me that miss Wilde has a hell of a lot more than just dirty thoughts in that beautiful brain of hers. The 2019 year has seen some of the most stunning starlets win the crown of Girl of the Month. This critic is truly anxious to see just what Jane Wilde can do to steal your vote come 2020 when it is time for the models to win some cold hard cash and take home the title of Girlsway.com Girl of the Year 2019.

Jane Wilde and Paige Owens 

Scene Duration: 33 Minutes and 3 Seconds

Director: Eli Cross and Casey Calvert

Studio: / Gamma Entertainment

Release Date: June 14th, 2019

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, Teen versus Teen, Star Showcase, Aggressive Sex, 5-Star Kissing, 5-Star Fingering, Ass to Pussy, Tongue Fucking, Scissoring/Tribbing, Unique Positions

eXXXtras: My goodness, these are truly the best stills of 2019 at the Girlsway factory. There are alternate positions, there is stunning kink in every shot and you truly get to relive each steamy angle in the scene. Check the collection out after the film, there are spoilers in these thirty-five shots. This is truly what completes a production in so many ways.


Starring: Jane Wilde and Paige Owens


The Reveal:


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I would be fooling you as a writer if I were to tell you that Jane’s followings most massive addiction is her youthful appearance that simply spells innocence at every angle and shot. Being thrust into the erotic side of things by watching her playing with panties is a tease that is exactly what you would expect from Jane’s creation. Then, as you think you know what is coming next, she pulls the rug right from under you and it is brilliant. That is what a “reveal” should be. Getting the audience to drool with mind-numbing imagination only to have their wildest dreams halt to a sexy stop and my goodness does Jane look stunning to start off this fantasy. The story will have you swept up in two ways. Paige once entered is as cool as a cucumber and Jane, she manages to have that fire, like a female lead out of a Quentin Tarantino movie. She is brash and it is not over the top or out of place. When you see the forced kiss, you will see what I mean. This is the unique type of stories that built Girlsway. I am glad to see them returning to their roots. Paige looks like a million dollars and Jane puts herself in as that type of aggressive sexual machine that we have all grown to love so immensely over the last year. Be cautious that aggressive, passionate, sexy as fuck kissing may send you bursting into flames and Jane’s sucks Paige’s tongue but you gotta hold on, this is Jane Wilde’s fantasy after all.


The Encounter:


There is no substitute for animalistic passion when it comes to Jane Wilde. It is her calling card and I’ll be damned if there's not a soul who doesn’t know that in this industry. Within seconds, Paige’s panties are off and there is licking, sucking, fingering and fucking. Paige melts all over Jane’s fingers and once again, it does not get any better in this business, then by watching Jane lick her fingers clean in such situations. This is the yummiest finger fucking you will see on the Girlsway website for 2019 so far. Damn, there are moments where the action just comes off the screen and hits you like a ton of bricks. Especially when Paige’s gorgeous derriere is moving in unison with these aggressive thrusts that you know are just making her cum harder and harder. That is the beauty of this type of creation. The passion just flows onto the screen with realism and attitude. There is nothing forced and if it fucking is, these two starlets sure are good enough at what they do that this critic can’t tell and that is the mark of what takes a performer to that rank of a shining star. In the beginning. I said to myself, “hmm, why does Jane have her nails so short?” You will find out why “cum” 12:22 on the scene counter. Hot damn, this is pure fire. When Paige steps into the driver’s seat, the action keeps getting hotter and hotter and dare I say even sexier if that is even possible when it is not Jane devouring some pussy. Wow, Paige is truly a great performer. She puts in her own remembrance with a kiss in this scene. Excellent job casting there miss Wilde.


There is so much uniqueness to this scene, it is unbelievable how one of a kind these starlets make this sexual encounter become. As Paige takes the steering wheel and thrusts her long tongue deep in Jane’s pussy and asshole, you begin to realize this is a ride that is one hundred percent new and improved. Paige giving as good as she gets shows that a lot of thought was put in this showcase and that the women truly have a lust for one another. This is one of the best showcases of all time on the Girlsway network and it is not just the nastiness of each lady’s dirty mind that makes the show complete. It is the true to life love of women that steals the show. There is no substitute for seeing Paige’s hands wrenched tight on Jane’s perfect ass as she fingers and licks. That is one of the sexiest shots within the entire vignette and I am surprised she did not leave nail marks behind she was holding on so tight. The angles to which these women fuck will send you skyrocketing into orbit, especially when Jane puts Paige on all fours in one of coolest ways on camera. The part of the scene that describes what you are getting in this production best is when we see Paige start to suck on Jane’s hard nipples as she falls to the floor. She is so hell bent on pleasure, she will get it at all costs, all while Jane’s eyes are rolling back into her head from orgasm. Five stars people, that is all I can say, this is all that must be said.


Sight and Sound: Now, the sound was a tad off but not by much. The editing had a few misses as well. That car horn will wake your ass up at 2 AM during the start of the scene. The lighting is superb though and the way that the fantasy is pieced together with such aggressive performers is kudos to the camera crew and the editors. The only small glitches I see are a few shadows during the end aggression that keeps the fans eyes and head bobbing and pleading to see the action a tad clearer but this is the only hiccup in the entire production. The one thing that is for sure, Eli, Casey and team, they are truly creating massive change within the heart of the network and fans are loving every second of it.


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

You must love a scene that makes you smile. That is exactly what this scene does. The girls are banging around these metal chairs as they chomp at the bit to eat the other alive. It is that improved comedy that makes you smile after seeing the ladies trying to lick the pink off each other’s tongues and gorgeous pussies. This is everything that a showcase can and should be. We not only get to see Jane do what she does best, we see her indulge as a fan would. A lesbian showcase should feature the star getting licked relentlessly for ten solid minutes and we are not talking your every day, boring ass kitty caressing, we are talking that Paige is looking to make Jane cum and convulse with orgasm. It is awesome to watch. I cannot think of any type of fan who will not get a kick out of Jane’s fantasy. Even women who prefer watching older women go at it will have fun with this scene, that is the tempo and depth this vignette has. There is this hint of nastiness that is so well shot, so well performed and captured almost to perfection. I meant it when I said that this may be the best featured spotlight of the year. Everything clicks in this scene and ever type of fan will have their interest and curiosity catered to massively in this one. I mean when you see such passion that Jane’s entire hand nearly disappears inside of that gorgeous kitty of Paige’s, you know you got your money's worth. Jane Wilde is making a huge, huge play for a massive number of awards come January 2020 and the way she is doing it is from every angle as a performer. One thing is for sure, you must see the phenomenon known as Jane Wilde. Paige Owens, you have to give it up to a starlet who packs the independent punch she does, she is stunning, and she can roll with the kinky punches. She has a beauty that makes you stop and find out who, what and where and I implore every fan to do so with her as I can see many big things with this beauty in the future. Eli and Casey, they are truly bringing back so much to the Girlsway site. Highly recommended scene all the way.




"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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