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Anal Cuties Vol 9

Studio: Hard X » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 6/8/19

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With Hard X I know what I’m getting when it comes to their DVDs. This comforts both consumers and collectors looking for that specific type of porno. These very vignettes keep Hard X fans satiated when they come on board for a DVD like Anal Cuties Vol.9 for example. The cover girl on the box is a straightforward tart, like Emily Willis, that magnetizes curious fans while making sure Hard X regulars have new faces to fantasize about.  Now nine volumes deep in a series that focuses on cute babes doing butt stuff for a precise production palette. Mason is here again for her brand. The Hard X machine is known to me for churning out the stuff smut dreams are made of. If bonus points were administered for exclusives then Mason’s Hard X would rake them in. Here for this DVD collectors get Ariana Marie’s first IR anal. 

Each of these scenes is digitally available for members of the Hard X member site but a themed collection is what really keeps DVDs like this in demand. There are plenty of big boobed themed compilations but don't forget about the cute girl that is perceived to be a "girl next door" but is really a professional performer in hardcore porn. These pros shed that perceived innocence the minute their eyes lock on the camera as the scene kicks off to a start. This is what a "cutie" in the industry really becomes when finding one of them in a Hard X collection like this. With this excitement alone this DVD called Anal Cuties Volume 9 shouldn't be in your hands long it should be spinning in your player immediately after purchase. This is something anal fans whether Hard X loyal or not should invest interest in.



scene selection menu

Expect the usually bright colored palette to make up this DVD box as Emily Willis sits before a blue sky. This is the design that surrounds the cover girl that is scantily clad. The blown up Hard X logo is hidden behind her head which has the film’s title close by. Underneath is the cast of names placed readily to credit the performers in this brightly colored schematic. Mason's director's credit it is stuffed at the bottom left corner to show performing and directorial parties involved in this anal collection of swift scenes. On the back box, the stills are all of the hardcore sex which explicitly reveal the action of anal and oral sex found in the film. Their names are next to the horizontally spliced screenshots of hardcore sex. A brief summary in black text sits next to an adorably placed photo of April Aniston. In that same middle column between the photos is a logo of Anal Cuties Volume 9 along with the brand's instilled presence above it. Mason is repeated as the director with text in between this information graphic.


This a good DVD to sound test an audio device as the loudness of some of the scenes will push them to the limit. Go to Ariana Marie’s segment where Prince Yashua is pounding her to find out for yourself. It is a MPEG-2 codec on the DVD which was revealed to me by my PS4 when I had the info menu erected. Dolby digital is formatted here too. On the box, there is a microscopic indication that the film is shot in HD. I did notice when I watched it on the HD TV my PS4 is connected to.  The main menu is a solid depiction of animated loops with very cool and fluid menu designs of the studio's logo above it. The menu options are basic and simple to not misdirect the viewer. Go right to the cumshot from the main menu if you please. A slideshow and BTS options are available on this properly on the same menu.

Cast: April Aniston, Ariana Marie, Emily Wills, Isabella Nice, Danny Mountain, Ramon Nomar, Prince Yashua
Directed By: Mason
Condoms: No
Approx. Run Time:  2 hours and 21 minutes
Photo Gallery: Yes



Emily interviewed

We have Emily Willis doing another Hard X go around in this DVD opening scene. She expresses this love of her butthole being banged to the director of the day; Mason. The interviews are always jubilant for these Hard X ventures as Emily Willis details the journey of her butt sex endeavors after “breaking contract”. The intensity of orgasms is also brought up when she is detailing her love for being fucked in the ass.  Career talk is always part of the questions as Hard X is an exclusive heavy studio. Hard X interviews some of the performers at the top of the scenes regarding their career moves to fulfill that extra tidbit of info for attentive collectors.

a side angle of BJ in action

The scene rockets into action the minute the performers get their hands on each other. Some brief pecks of passionate porn kissing happens before Emily drops down to flop Dan’s dong out. The blowjob fits right into the rapid duration of the scene. It is over before you know it as the performers begin to grind into each other for the friction of fornication. Slamming through more anal positioning they fire off into a side spoon version of cowgirl. Emily is also rammed and pumped in the regular riding version of cowgirl. This is all steadily captured by a camera that retains this crushing style of butt stuff so well.

open doggy arching for anal insertion

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Danny Mountain proves his sexual athleticism during this very setup of side anal spooning as he huffs and puffs with every thrust into Emily’s booty hole. They go back into that soundly filmed doggy style anal after that melding position of spooning anal. You’ll also hear Danny doing his heavy breathing as he bangs into Emily's ass in this open arch of doggy. A head-bobbing BJ will interrupt this battering ram doggy position that had some ass to pussy play. They flip back into it as Emily lunges for the white couch to set it back up.  The dirty talk ramps up during this reaming display of ass fucking. Emily claiming to feel the thunderous pounds all the way in her gut, this is said as a screen-filling view of down doggy is in full effect. 

cum catch

Time for a splitting session of reverse cowgirl anal as Emily Willis is hoisted up and bored into by Dan Mountain’s fast flesh sword.  Emily reciprocates this speed of butt pumping by erecting herself to bounce up and down on Danny Mountain’s erect member.  To conclude the scene Emily Willis will catch the load that is jacked out right in front of her face.  Quite literally catching the cum drizzling as she cups her hands under mouth like some sort of cum safety net. 



April Aniston amid the intro interview


If you paid attention to the scene selection menu you probably noticed that April Aniston is the next scene up. She is coupled with the reliable reamer Ramon Nomar for this Hard X scene happening. This chapter has this at another 30-minute anal romper for quick digestion of some smut. Mason starts her interview regaling at the fact that an 18-year-old stands before her. "Y2k baby!”, April Aniston will jokingly spew at a shocked Mason. That era of the Y2k bug shutting down all technology on the internet back in the year 2000 (the year of her birth) was the topic brought up since the young performer was born that year. April will delve into her background regarding being sent to a Christian school by her parents, a story we’ve all heard before but April Aniston makes interesting for the viewers. They’ll touch upon anal of course since this is the reason this day is happening.

performers in embrace

The interview fades into Ramon stepping behind the teen tart to lift her shirt up to reveal her tasty tits. Ramon rubbing her exposed tits is the name of the game for this scene opening meeting between the performers on deck. Some inaugural sucks of the cock will happen before Ramon slowly inserts his phallus into the tight pooper he's about to relentlessly pump into. The insertion of this anal entering is done in the arching doggy style.  When they release out of the doggy style anal April Aniston will again reach for the penis of Ramon to put it in her mouth. 

 close up of anal in doggy

While down there she gives the balls some love with a few playful licks this precludes a reverse cowgirl mounting that will happen. April Aniston eases the cock into her ass before bouncing on it for this session of fornicating. The view next is her being impaled in reverse cowgirl as Ramon Nomar peels her open. He’ll lead April into some side saddle spoon anal which will have him stimulating her pussy as he fills her ass up again.  The ass pumping is in full force when Ramon is inside April Aniston's ass in regular cowgirl.  Ramon will grasp April’s ass as the camera closes in to focus on the penetration. Ramon jumps down to start munching on the holes he was wrecking. This visually demonstrates his signature mad-man style of eating pussy where his head rapidly shakes.

the first pop

April Aniston’s orgasmic facial expressions show her enjoyment of her pussy being mashed and munched. The final pull out and pop results in a spackling of semen on April’s upper face. Even after jacking to pop, April is lifted back on to the couch for more reaming into her rectum from this all-star stud. Only after that will the scene conclude.




Ariana and Prince Pecking

It is surprising to see Ariana Marie nervous which she admits at the scene's start. She's talking to Mason about her first IR on this special day and it is a “good” type of nervous. Prince Yashua is the prime player that will take Ariana’s first IR anal and she’s anticipating this. She breaks it down thoroughly about how she prepared herself for such a powerful endeavor of giving up her butt for one of the industry's most athletically driven male performers. Prince Yashua demands a certain pace of performing especially if it is anal. So these two were paired for the right studio has Hard X specializes in these types of special occasions between top performers.
Hard pounding prince

The brief discussion with Mason fades as Prince will step into view to start kissing Ariana Marie’s mouth passionately. She’ll eagerly drop down to start polishing Prince’s dong as the sexual activity escalates.  Her attempts at deepthroating yield a sloppy coating of saliva to coat her chin. Both Prince and Ariana move over to a familiar white couch to keep the blowjob going. After this coating of spit on a hard dick Ariana leaps up on top of Prince Yashua for some cowgirl fucking in the pussy. The camera angle lowers to get a full view of this pussy poking by Prince’s pounding penis. He carries her over in the squatting position for this round of pussy sex. After she leaps on the dick for more sucks in her sloppy style she’ll allow Prince to enter her ass.

 Anal missionary

The anal insertion happens in a slow slide during a hook up of side saddling in a spooning. The butt sex for the scene has newly begun after this entrance.  In between position changes Ariana will reach for that penis to put in her mouth. This indeed occurs before they both set up a towering session of reverse cowgirl where Ariana Marie is taking Prince’s shaft up her ass. After more BJs Ariana is peeled open in standard cowgirl anal with her ass taking all of Prince. The camera sits well during the profuse poking, this is further proved when both performers set up doggy style anal next.

 hot doggy session

The ass fucking sticks to its hardcore pace in this doggy style setup right before they flow into a wide open missionary butt slamming stance. Both Yashua and Ariana are very vocal during this ass blasting escapade which shows the fiery chemistry. With legs up and an ass filled you’ll see Ariana stimulate her own vagina as she slides her fingers in rotating motions on top of it.  Ariana Marie gets really loud during this segment so if you have the volume up you might want to turn it down for the auditory assailing by loud orgasmic yelling. The scene is in full flight here for the power of the anal missionary fucking. It slams right into a climax of Prince pulling out his pop right into the open mouth of Ariana Marie. This sweet scene concludes here.


Isabella interviewed

Keeping up with the theme of cuties Isabella Nice is the final chapter in this DVD collection. Danny Mountain gets more cutie booty to tear into in this scene with Isabella. But before that Mason will ask a few questions to get the performer to open about herself before she opens up anally. The casual banter brings up a tale of Isabella having sex publicly in a past fling. Mason is indeed intrigued and it is fun to check out the girls' outfits during these opening discussions. I thought the hippie chick look captured the theme of the comp very well and shows these collections are quite calculated.  Just like the length of the chapters themselves. This one hangs in at a proper 34-minute marker for a quick jab of butt sex.

Isabella stripped

The minute Danny Mountain steps into view Isabella's clothes will start being stripped off. After she is unwrapped like the sweet-tart she is Isabella reveals a surprise in the shape of a clear pink butt plug stuffed in her sphincter. Danny does his duty to jump right in the pussy to start poking Isabella in the doggy style. This is all in the vagina since you'll notice the butt plug is still in place. Only after Danny Mountain removes it will you see him ease his penis head into Isabella's arching ass to start his thrusts. It turns into a down doggy thrashing for a bit before Isabella Nice snatches the cock to start sucking off. She jumps back on the dick in a reverse mount of cowgirl anal.

reverse cowgirl anal close up

They arrive into a quick slap of splitting side saddle with a singing Isabella Nice approving of the anal filling. The fluidity of the scene is furthered as they actually go back into reverse cowgirl anal with more orgasmic outbursts from a vocal Isabella. A good angle of her sitting on top of the piston of a penis while slapping her own pussy will join your eyes for some moments. The steady rotation is constantly fulfilled and the pliable Isabella is brought back into a side saddle to have her asshole slammed into. An instance of ass to pussy occurs when Danny is flying away in an opened and fast missionary bang.

 A pop shot with Isabella

The camera jumps into a zoom of Dan Mountain’s dick easing into her ass.  From that easing, the fornicating in reverse cowgirl goes into a fierce reaming. Isabella does some fucking back of her own as she is mounted atop the mountain of Danny. A very active session of a reverse cowgirl grapple in the butthole ensues. Isabella's legs can be found erected straight up during the smashing in this scene. Finally, a fuck to pop gets plastered on a cutey’s face to finalize this overall collection of butt crushers.



film title

Every time I sit down with one of these Hard X collections I am reminded why they constantly stick to what they do best. It is a catalog of all-out hardcore porn with some of the hottest names in the industry along with a steady flow of cute new faces. This is what they base some of their collections around and this is why Anal Cuties is already at its ninth entry.  The cast screams of this loyal adherence to a structured brand. Ariana Marie can easily be considered near veteran status compared to these cutie pies that are still building repertoires in the butt banging game. Emily Willis is an example of a trailblazer in that facet. The director is an all-star herself in the lens world of producing great performances. Mason is here for this collection with these girls making sure great anal is achieved. This is a highly recommended formula that includes all the points that count for a collectible DVD.

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