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My New Black Stepdaddy 24

Studio: Devil's Films » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 5/29/19

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Feature Running Time:  2 hours 4 minutes

Date of Production: 2018

Genre: Interracial; All Sex; Family Roleplay

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in HD

Director: N/A

Cast: Starring Ella Reese with Nelly Kent, Arietta Adams and Nova Cane, and Rod Jackson, Sean Michaels, Tee Reels, and Chris Cock

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Cumshot Recap; Trailers; Website Information


Ella Reese stars in the latest installment in the series My New Black Stepdaddy by Devil’s Films. This is the 24th flick in the series which chronicles young white stepdaughters banging their BBC stepdads. In this movie, Ella fucks her stepdad Tee Reel as a way to convince him to allow her to party with her friends at Lake Havasu on the weekend. She wraps her lips around his dick then rides his pole better than her mother does. After a pop shot in her mouth, it seems Ella may be on her way to Lake Havasu after all. Nelly Kent, Arietta Adams, and Nova Cane have similar experiences with their black stepdads, throwing taboo out the window in exchange for ecstasy and orgasms. I highly recommend this movie. The scenes are crisp and shot well with lots of close-ups on the action. That 4K ultra HD really comes through in this flick.

Scene 1:  Arietta Adams and Chris Cock

Arietta watches her stepdad Chris watering the lawn. She can see his cock through his rob in the front lawn and she can’t believe it. When Chris comes inside, she tells him his cock was showing the whole time he was outside. “What if the neighbors saw it,” she asks him. Chris doesn’t care and says the neighbors shouldn’t be looking. Later that day, while Chris is watching television, Arietta sits next to him and opens her legs, showing him her pussy. Chris tells her she can’t walk around like that. “I can’t be responsible for what might happen,” he tells her. “You ‘bout to let the beast out,” he says. He opens his robe, revealing his big hard cock. “I know what I want for dinner,” Arietta tells him as she puts his cock in her mouth and sucks it. She gives him a sloppy blow job, spitting and gagging all over his cock and balls, soaking them. She feeds herself with his big black cock, greedily stroking and sucking it with both hands. She beats her tongue and face with his dick, then deep throat it. “I love sucking on my stepdad’s big black dick," she says.

Chris is ready to eat his stepdaughter’s twat. She lies on her back and opens her legs, moaning in pleasure as Chris tongue fucks her pussy. There are lots of close-ups on Arietta’s pink pussy getting tongue lashed. He fingers her, making her cum then penetrates her missionary style. “Your pussy is so fucking tight,” he says. “Open up for daddy,” he tells her while drilling her tight twat. She gets on all fours and slams back and forth onto his cock, swallowing it up with her cunt. He pulls out and she sucks his prick again, covering it in spit before riding it cowgirl style. Chris squeezes her ass cheeks and tells her to grind on his dick. She sucks her pussy juices off his dick then lies on her back for more missionary banging. “I want you to cum all over my face,” she tells him. Chris pumps her pussy then pulls out and shoots his load on her face.

Scene 2: Nelly Kent and Rod Jackson

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Nelly hasn’t thought about what she wants to do with her life. Her stepdad, Rod, tells her she has to get her priorities in order, go to college and focus on a career. Nelly says she’s going to do what her mother did, and that’s marry a rich black man with a big black cock. Nelly asks him what she’s going to get out of it if she does that. Rod explains that he’s paying for college. That’s what she’s getting out of it. That’s not enough for Nelly. She crawls over to him on the couch and tells him she wants his big black cock. She bends over doggy style and starts sucking her stepdaddy’s dick. “You suck cock just like your mom,” he tells her. She licks his shaft then wraps her lips around it and strokes it. The camera stays close on Nelly’s mouth as she sucks Rod’s prick. “I like your big black cock, daddy,” Nelly says. Rod helps her out of her clothes and instructs her to lie on her back. She opens her legs and squeezes her nipples while he tongues her pussy. “Yes, daddy,” she moans out. We get lots of hot close-ups of Nelly’s pretty pussy. Rod likes the taste of her pussy better than his wife’s.

He fucks her missionary style, “Oh, that’s so deep,” Nelly moans. She fingers her clit while telling him to give her his black dick. Her mouth gapes open as he spoon fucks her and squeezes her tits. Her pussy creams all over his cock. He drills her hole then pulls out and puts his cock in her mouth. She sucks him off then sits on his black cock, riding it cowgirl style. Nelly bounces up and down on his hard dick. He fucks her in standing cowgirl then lies her on her back for another round of missionary. She gets on all fours for doggy fucking. “Oh, daddy, oh fuck,” Nelly screams out. He bangs her pussy hard from behind, pumping her tight twat. “I want that load,” she tells him. Rod pulls out and cums on her chin and tits.

Scene 3: Nova Cane and Sean Michaels

Nova’s mother recently remarried to a successful black man, Sean, who Nova finds attractive. She moved back in with her mother who now lives in a pricey part of town. Nova is enjoying her new life and wealth and still doesn’t know how her mother landed a rich man like Sean. Nova’s new school schedule is keeping her around the house more and alone with Sean. She makes it very obvious that she is attracted to him. She knows it’s wrong, but she can’t help herself. Her flirting soon works on Sean when he drops his pants for her to suck his cock. Nova kneels and sucks his dick while stripping out of her clothes. She blows bubbles of spit all over his shaft then grips his cock with both hands. “Deeper,” Sean instructs her. He thrusts his cock further down her throat, choking her with it. She sucks him off with no hands, showing Sean how much of a deep throat cock sucker she can be. He stands her up and squeezes her tits then tells her to show him her sexy body. She strips for him, teasing him with an ass show then she joins him on the couch, bending over doggy style to suck his BBC some more. Sean fingers her tight pussy while ordering her to put his cock deeper down her throat. “Put your pussy in my face,” he tells her. She puts a leg up over his shoulder and positions her pussy on his lips. Sean tongues her tiny twat.

Nova sucks his cock again then sits on it cowgirl style, bouncing up and down on his pole. “I want to taste my pussy,” she tells him, climbing off to suck his cock again. She rides him cowgirl style again, this time, sending his cock deeper in her pussy. Sean spoon fucks her, causing her to cum and scream out how much she loves that black cock. “Play with my little clit, daddy,” Nova tells him She cums again from his deep penetrating thrusts in her cunt. Nova sucks her creamy juices off his shaft then bends over doggy style for more pussy stretching. “It’s so good, daddy,” she says. Sean pulls out and stuffs her throat with his hard cock then fucks her in reverse cowgirl position. A final round of missionary pumping leads to Nova’s BBC payoff. Sean pulls out and blasts his load on her face and in her mouth. She swallows his pride and sucks his cock.

Scene 4: Ella Reese and Tee Reel

This final scene in the flick has some of the closest close-ups of all the scenes on Ella’s pussy being banged by black cock. When the scene opens, we see Ella on the phone talking about drinking and partying with her friends this weekend at Lake Havasu.  Her stepdad, Tee Reel, overhears the conversation. When Ella hangs up the phone, Tee tells her she’s not going anywhere this weekend. She’s got to get her grades up before she goes anywhere. Ella storms off and calls her mom, telling her about the whole thing. Her mom tells her to apologize to her stepdad and to suck his cock to patch things up with him. Ella can’t believe her mom is asking her to do this, but she agrees it’s an incredible way to show him how much she loves him. Tee overhears this conversation, too, and he walks into the bedroom, stroking his cock for Ella to see. Without saying a word, Ella takes off her clothes, walks up to Tee and puts his hard cock in her mouth, sucking and deep throating it. Ella will do anything to win her stepdad over and spitting all over his cock then deep throating it seems to be doing the trick.  “Stand up for daddy,” he tells her while spanking her ass and sucking her tits. They make their way to the bed where Tee fucks his stepdaughter's throat.

Ella gets on all fours and moans as Tee penetrates her pussy doggy style. He slams her twat with his cock, and she tells him it feels so good. “Fuck me,” she says. Ella enjoys her stepdad’s dick and it shows. Tee puts a leg up and the camera zooms in close on Ella’s cunt being stuffed by his dick. He stretches her hole out, fucking her deep and banging her clit with his balls with each stroke. “That’s my girl,” he tells her. Ella wraps her lips around his shaft again then sits on his cock cowgirl style. She grinds around and around on his dick, pleasuring her twat. Tee drills her pussy, telling her how good it feels. She turns around into reverse cowgirl position for more balls deep banging. He spoon fucks her then pumps her pussy missionary style. Ella lies on her stomach for downward doggy drilling from her stepdad. When he pulls out she grips his dick with both hands and deep throats it. Tee positions her in standing doggy over the edge of the bed and pounds her pussy some more until he’s ready to cum. “Cum for me daddy,” she begs him. He pulls out and pops on her tongue then stuffs her throat with his cock, choking her one last time.  

Final Thoughts:

When Ella Reese’s stepdad, Tee Reel, tells her she won’t be partying with her friends at Lake Havasu this weekend because she needs to work on her school grades, Ella calls her mom for help. Her mom tells her there’s a sure way to convince him to allow her to go. She’s got to suck his cock. Ella goes a step further, deep throating his BBC then fucking him better than her mom ever has. With her stepdad’s load in her mouth, she’s well on her way to a fun weekend on the lake. Ella stars in My New Black Stepdaddy 24 and I highly recommend this movie. Ella’s not alone in fucking her stepdad. She’s joined by starlets Nelly Kent, Arietta Adams, and Nova Cane, who get fucked balls deep by their moms’ new black husbands. The scenes in this movie are all shot well with lots of amazing close-ups on all the pussy stretching action. The short storylines keep the scenes flowing into hot BBC banging.  

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