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Cheer Squad Sleepovers 31 (Scene 1)

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 5/7/19

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You really must give credit to the B. Skow team. Creating that alternate side of Girlfriends Films, it can not be an easy task. You must always be making your scripts sharp and real. You must be able to keep fans interests going for forty minutes and beyond. I do not think that it is news that a Girlfriends Films set is one that is given to the performers almost entirely. The ladies are left to do what they may and that has created a buzz that has fans messaging the company headquarters day in and day out as to who they want to see paired together next. That brings us to Dolly Leigh. A performer who every time she is given the task of creating something deep and sexy, she goes above and beyond. She is one of the best young actors in the industry with the sex appeal of a college beauty queen. Katie Kush is Hussie’s new sweetheart on the block and everyone who has encountered this beauty says she will surprise you in the best of ways. Let’s see what kind of trouble this combination can get into. The early buzz is, this is one of the hottest scenes shot in the 2019 year, is it possible that we may be watching a scene of the year? Let’s find out.

Film Cover 

Scene Duration: 44 Minutes

Director: B Skow


Release Date: March 8th, 2019

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, Teen, Cheerleaders, 5-Star Pussy Licking, 5-Star Fingering, Scissoring, Realistic Sex, Real Orgasms, 69 Action

eXXXtras: The trailers in the film are wonderful as always. The website photos fall a tad bit short and that does take away. Add in some strong pictures to tell another side of the fantasy and this could have been an newstrizhki.ru Pick of perfection.

Starring: Dolly Leigh and Katie Kush


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The Reveal:

Dolly Leigh and Katie Kush 

That voice, it is the foundation that phone sex was built upon. Dolly should get an award just because of her scantily clad sex appeal that her voice produces in a heartbeat. We join the cheerleader’s near end workout and there is eye candy galore for every type of voyeur big or small. To be perfectly honest with every reader of this review, watching these babes stretch out of fiendishly taboo and will have you locking the bedroom door as your imagination goes in ten different directions. This is one of the sexiest rendezvous that Girlfriends Films has charted for this series. As the girls talk about their “slutty” school activities, the dirty talk is enough to get a deaf person going. You hardly ever see the bread and butter of a scene’s sale come out this early but the way that each performer makes the fantasy come to life is just a slice of heaven. This is what every red-blooded human being has pictured happening at one point or another with all the cheerleaders after practice. It is the most primal, human fantasy and the build-up is done perfectly.


The Encounter:


I do not care who you are, seeing Katie go spread eagle with her toes pointed like a ballerina is one of the most gorgeous sights to behold. As we see Lacie and Lexie run off to get their own party started, wet kisses and stunning views fill the room. The audience is eased into the action, but the view is so stunning, I can see more than a few audience members bursting like balloon entering the stratosphere this pairing is so hot. Katie’s pussy is damn near flawless just like a twenty-four-karat diamond. As Dolly begins the fun the camera swoops you in for one of the most gorgeous shots of a site that must be seen by all types of fans of this genre and studio. It is truly some of their best work. The pussy licking is wet and delicious. I do not see anyone who will have room to fuss over such stunning oral action. This is some of the wettest, softest, most amazing pussy licking I have seen this year. Dolly has Katie’s juices flowing so passionately she literally has her chin buried deep inside her wet pussy and she licks, flicks and sucks with care. I will say this right now; Dolly Leigh may be the most underutilized pussy licker in the industry. This beauty knows what she is doing, and she always gets her co-star off. The scene has so much passion, you do not even see tops off and I guarantee you, your collar will be soaked from the heat wave these two will create in any room you choose to view this fantasy in.

Dolly Leigh and Katie Kush 

Now, when I say five-star, I mean five stars. Katie does an amazing job playing with Dolly’s pussy as a rookie. She has that type of inexperience mixed with want that comes only once or twice a year with new starlets. Watching Dolly with her ass up in the air and her sexy white panties around her knees is made that much more sexy with Katie working her magic beyond what fans would think she is capable of. She has a stunning body and even when it is covered up with her cheer-leading outfit with only a tiny bit of that athletic booty teasing the crowd, she makes the audience stand up and pant, scream and thank the heavens above for women. She is petite beautiful, and I think she has a performance ability that performers have at this stage in their career. Dolly always seems to able to make the fans minds race with passion when she talks dirty. There is no other performer besides Elsa Jean who can match the “innocence gone bad” style of character and dialogue. Dolly can add so much more to the value of a scene that way. For you fans, this is what gives longevity to a scene and makes you watch repeatedly. The action never drops off and as each stunning beauty gets a second taste of the other, they keep the tempo going and are able to start and stop the action without ever losing the fans interest. Just when you think things get a little lack-luster, you see Katie’s wicked tongue kick right back into fifth gear. The ending sixty-nine action is the perfect way to end this scene the visuals are to die for and really puts this scene in the upper-echelon of teen, cheerleader cinema.

Dolly Leigh and Katie Kush 

Sight and Sound:

The up-close shots are so well timed. The Girlfriends Films crew have some of the best editors and camera people in the business. The zoom is perfection, you see everything in HD glory. Watching Dolly finger Katie with her wet pussy lips clinging to her chin is seen as clear as day. It is this type of perfect production that makes a fantasy what it is in this business. The sound is epic, we hear the girls purr with pleasure and even when the action gets too intense for containment, the decibel level does not blow out your eardrums when they scream. The HD level on the site is good, not great. If you love watching on your eighty-inch 4K television it may fall a tad short.

Dolly Leigh and Katie Kush 

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

I must get this point out here big time. Dolly Leigh, she is truly the most underrated porn star on the planet. This beauty can perform, and I am not just talking the acting side of a story, I am talking making her co-star explode and turning into an M-80 firecracker herself. This is one of the best film openings shot by B. Skow. It sets a tempo for the rest of the film that has the audience eating out of the palm of his hand and that is a good thing. The women are like two sculptures of art. That is the huge selling point of this scene, the women are works of art come to life, doing things that they are not to be doing. You get that “naughty” vibe that any great “teen” actress can pull off, but you get so much more with Dolly. Now, one thing I must say about the stable of Hussie hotties is that it is growing stronger than ever this year. Katie Kush puts on a show that will have ever red-blooded human being bending to her will just like the curvature of her sexy foot as she orgasms with Dolly. The contouring, the elegance, and passion, it is like watching a scene from the early 2000s. An era many call the “Golden Age” but I think with productions like this, we could be living in said times. The production team really sets the stage for what is to be expected and then they deliver ten times what you think you are going to get in an opening scene. This scene is stunning from start to finish. The story is killer and the characters are alive in ways that make this fantasy come to life. That is the only way that I can describe this scene. The women really make the fantasy come to life with so much before anything sexual happens, you just can not do anything but sit, stare and have your heart rate increase from the beauty. Highly recommended scene and I hope to see lots more with these two starlets.



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