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Prodigal Daughter, The

Studio: Pure Taboo » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 3/26/19

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The coming together of so many angles of story, lust, fantasy and hardcore are the things that linger most in fans minds when they jump upon the pages of the Pure Taboo website. The Prodigal Daughter, since March 5th, has been given a lot of attention by not only the promotional team and PT but also by the fans who pay their hard-earned dollars to join the website. Derrick, Jane, and Dee. These are three performers who are at the top of their game when it comes to hardcore and sweaty passion. For those who have never had the privilege, Dee Williams may truly be the most underrated female in the entire adult industry. Her sultry renditions of step-moms, teachers and naughty neighbors are the stuff of porn legend among die-hard fans. This woman could spice up the blandest dish with just a lick of her lips. Her castmate, Jane Wilde, has proven to be the heiress apparent to her throne of debauchery as she has wowed her fans since day one as the teen vixen who can make you have you bouncing off the walls like a kid in a candy store whenever you get to see what she is capable of when she is unleashed. Mr. Pierce, the man that every porn starlet wants to still fuck after the camera has stopped rolling. I am already smelling a five-star creation here but lets truly dig deeper before our imagination gets the better of us.

Film Cover 

Scene Duration: 59 Minutes and 57 Seconds

Director: Craven Moorehead

Studio: / Gamma Entertainment

Release Date: March 5th, 2019

Don Juan’s Phyla: Hardcore, All-In-The-Family, Threesome, Teen versus MILF, 5-Star Oral, 5-Star Dirty Talk, Teen Seduction, Masturbation, Face Sitting, Ass Licking, Intense, Real Orgasms

eXXXtras: The thirty-four images tell a very devilish tale. I personally would have liked to have seen more but this amount will satisfy most fans. The stills really add a lot to the story, and they are done very well. No matter if you indulge before or after the scene you will not spoil the story or the fantasy. The trailer is amazing as well, one of the best produced by Pure Taboo


Starring: Jane Wilde Dee Williams and Derrick Pierce

Featuring: Venice Sloan, Brock Slayden, and Domenic Kane


The Reveal:

Jane Wilde, Dee Williams and Derrick Pierce 

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From the start, Derrick Pierce steals the show in the acting department. His poise is something so prolific in this business. What this means to the everyday porn fan, your lady and on the fence porn fan partner will dig this show on more then one level if you are trying to spice up someone’s life or relationship. Just as I promised, Dee Williams, she sneaks into your daydreams. The ways she plays the naïve Mom who has thrown rhyme and reason out the door adds a lot of that patented spice of hers. You see that her switch is about to be flipped and the build-up feels like Mt. Vesuvius before an eruption. When you see Jane give that creepy look just like Macauley Caulkin in The Good Son, you know you are in for more than may have bargained for. Then, you get to see Miss Wilde flip the script in a way that I have never seen a young model do within a single role. She instantly goes from friend to enemy, from innocent to devious, hell she almost ages fucking years before our eyes the way that she changes gears with this character. All this boils over into something that is just delicious. This is what every true “teen” fan loves to see in a film, and it is done to perfection with Jane Wilde and Craven Moorehead. Jane has this sly craziness to her character. When she bobs her head back and forth saying she is attached, shades of the movie The Crush will dance in your head. Where is this going to go? The mystery is amazing and who is going to end up the real bad guy in the end? This story has you hook, line and sinker.


The Encounter:

Jane Wilde, Dee Williams and Derrick Pierce 

The tension is pulling, like fucking two-thousand-pound test wire that you go deep sea fishing with strong. Jane is a masterful seductress. Get ready for a fucking eargasm. Jane’s sultry tongue could wake up a fucking army out of a deep sleep. The oral, it is sensational and the way that each performer eases into the kinky sex is not one bit cheesy. I will tell you well ahead of time, get ready for forty plus minutes of amazing, perfect ten hardcore sex. No matter what your filthy mind desires, these masters of fantasy bring it to your doorstep with a bow tie. The way that Jane leads the action and takes each performer by the nose and has them bow down to her will is ultra kinky and ultra-erotic. The action that you see at every corner of this fantasy is enough to fill your mind with dirty thoughts for days to come. The way that Jane sucks cock and licks pussy is equally sexy and what the masses came to see. Dee Williams really adds that last piece of adhesive to this combination to bring everything together. She completes this fantasy, especially when miss Wilde starts to suck her gorgeous pussy lips and Craven brings you in for the play by play at two angles that will make you keel over trying to follow Jane’s wicked tongue. As the action intensifies, we are treated to more stunning visuals. The angle of watching Derrick smoothly slide his mighty manhood in and out of Jane’s wet pussy is stunning to watch from the rear as Dee’s tremendous triple D tits hang in the forefront. I think that through many moments as this scene picks up momentum, you will be left breathless more and more with these types of amazing angles and artistic shots.

Jane Wilde, Dee Williams and Derrick Pierce 

As the scene goes on, we see just how much of an addition Dee Williams is to this scene. The shots of her getting teary-eyed during the small breaks in the action keep you grounded so you can enjoy the story, but it also makes the sex that much more taboo. Dee shows another side of being a sexual dynamo. Dee is the catalyst for everything else and I hope that means that she does not get overlooked when it comes to awards season for this role, but I think that it just might happen with such strong characters around her. When you see that the darkness is not leaving this scene anytime soon, that is when you now that Dee has accomplished her mission as an actor and performer. Derrick railing her as Jane sits on her face is kinky, it is not too rough, and it makes any human being's pulse climb to the heavens with each tick of the clock. There just are not enough scenes that know how to create this type of tempo and keep the surprises “cumming” out of every corner. This is one hour of pure bliss and when you see Dee and Derrick share Jane’s pussy with lashing tongues you see that these performers truly went above and beyond. I will not spoil the end climax for you, you have to see this hardcore scene come to a hardcore end yourself but let’s just say, as Dee takes a turn to the nasty side, it is one of the most amazing ten-minute climaxes to the end of a Pure Taboo scene to date.

Jane Wilde, Dee Williams and Derrick Pierce 

Sight and Sound:

Craven and crew are truly coming into their own and creating a style that you see from a mile away and my goodness is it recognizable. The lighting is always this brilliant overcast that does not get hazy but leaves you looking everywhere in the scene, especially with the heavenly bodies doing diabolical things in this vignette. The scene is offered in a wide variety of download options and all of them look wonderful, but I highly recommend that you download this one HD or Full HD. They are very large file sizes but for this type of visual and audio spectacle, you must go all in.


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

We have one of our first true nominations for a performance of the year by a lead actress. Jane Wilde, she takes herself out of the new starlet category and begins her climb up the mountain of porn superstar. This performance has it all. Her acting abilities and candid way that she feeds off every performer's energy and lends a taste of her own zest to their pallet is a sight to see and a thrill ride that never stops. I mean this is true acting, hardcore sex as it was always meant to be. Derrick Pierce as well has cemented a nomination for every company in 2020 with this brilliant performance. That man always delivers, and this may be some of his best work ever! His lack of emotion during the sexual encounter and his brilliant acting before truly calls for an awards nod. When you add up what Dee and Derrick create with their characters it is something that is twisted and dark. This is that type of visual brilliance that should not be turning you on, but it does. This scene is an Highly Recommended all the way. You have everything, older, younger, girl/girl, hardcore, taboo, style and glamour mixed with some of the nastiest content you will ever see produced. This is a true dark fantasy and all three performers abilities to make you beg for mercy with just a kiss is amazing. When you see Derrick kiss Jane for the very first time with a passion almost thirty minutes into the scene, you know that you are seeing something one of a kind and spectacular. The way that they let reality take charge to close out this scene is amazing. It is the cherry on top of what could be Pure Taboo’s most perfect scene to date. You have something that satisfies the taste of all. An older woman, teen hottie, muscled stud, all who are tossed into a sexual hurricane of choking, aggression, dominance, and release. This is one of those scenes you will watch with your girl many times. It will be something that becomes a part of your sexual fantasies and extra spice on a Friday night, girl or not. Craven and his team, they are having a year to reckon with. This is a sex sundae that starts out sweet, gets a little messy as you get to the conclusion then simply has you looking like a slob wiping the corners of your mouth after you have indulged like a mad man afterward. One of the first big award-worthy scenes and performances of 2019 hands down.

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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