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Art of Anal Sex Vol. 9, The

Studio: Tushy.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 1/20/19

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Feature Running Time:  2 hours 30 minutes

Date of Production: 2018

Genre: 18+ Teens; All Sex; Anal

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in HD

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Featuring DVD cover girl Brett Rossi in her first anal along with Lana Rhoades, Ella Hughes, Giselle Palmer, Jade Nile, Markus Dupree, Manuel Ferrara, Mick Blue, Chris Diamond

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap; Feature Trailer; Website Info


In The Art of Anal Sex Vol. 9, DVD cover girl Brett Rossi treats fans to her hot scene with Mick Blue featuring her first anal. Set in a high-rise condo, Brett bangs Mick until she cums then goes for a reverse cowgirl ride with Mick’s dick deep in her ass hole, experiencing an assgasm for the first time. Brett’s scene is fiery hot and full of great chemistry.  The opening scene in this movie is another sizzler. It features the incomparable Lana Rhoades in a threesome with Jade Nile and Markus Dupree. Jade brings Lana home to her husband Markus for a hot threesome. Lana becomes the object of affection of the couple and soon her ass hole takes the spotlight when Markus bangs it open with his hard cock. He fills her tight rectum with hot cum, leaving her with a creampie oozing out of her gaping ass hole. Jade runs her fingers through the cream, licking it up to finish a burning scene. I highly recommend this movie which includes Ella Hughes in an ass-opening scene with Manuel Ferrera. Giselle Palmer hosts Chris Diamond’s dick deep in her ass hole in squat thrusting action that sends shivers over her body. This flick is a collection of four hot scenes from the mind of industry decorated director Greg Lansky.

Scene 1:  Lana Rhoades, Jade Nile, and Markus Dupree

Jade and Markus are swingers. They love seducing women and then fucking them in hot threesomes. Tonight, it’s Lana’s turn. Jade has her eyes set on convincing Lana to have sex with her and Markus. She kisses Lana at the pool but stops in the middle of it, telling her they should wait to finish this tomorrow when Markus is home. Lana agrees. The next day, the two girls walk into the bedroom naked and kiss each other. “What do you think, honey?” Jade asks Markus as he joins them. Lana is perfect for the pair. “I want you to suck his cock,” Jade tells Lana. She kneels to suck on his dick and Jade joins her, telling Lana to take that cock. She sucks his dick, sharing it with Jade. Markus starts fucking Lana’s throat, making her spit up all over his dick. She promises to use every orifice to please him. Jade takes over the cock sucking duty next. She tells Lana that Markus likes to fuck her in the ass. The girls share his cock some more then Jade takes the lead, sitting on his dick in reverse cowgirl position, showing Lana the way Markus loves to fuck her. Jade’s hairy bush is on display while every inch of Markus’ dick slides in and out of her twat. Markus pumps Jade’s pussy until she cums and creams all over his cock.

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He pulls out and sticks his dick in Jade’s ass. Lana spits on his cock, lubing it up as it pumps Jade’s cavity.  He pulls out, revealing Jade’s gaping shit box. Lana tongues Jade’s ass hole then her pussy while Markus pumps Jade’s ass hole. “I wanna feel every inch of your fucking cock,” Jade screams out. She tells Markus she wants to watch him fuck Lana in the ass. Jade climbs off his dick and the girls both perform ass to mouth on it, licking up and down both sides of his shaft and meeting at the tip of his prick. Lana takes and ass banging next. She sits on his dick in reverse cowgirl position gets her rectum stretched. She fingers her clit while getting fucked up the ass and, in a few minutes, she cums. Jade licks her cunt, tasting Lana’s cream. “Fuck me harder,” Lana screams as she cums again. “Use that fucking candy hole,” Lana tells him. She turns around into a cowgirl fuck up the ass, banging her hole up and down on his shaft. Markus makes Jade and Lana’s ass holes gape missionary style then he packs Lana’s hole with warm cum. She squeezes his load out into Jade’s hand and watches her lick her fingers. Markus finger bangs Lana’s pussy until she squirts all over them.

Scene 2: Ella Hughes and Manuel Ferrara

Ella travels for busy a lot. She has two rules when she travels. Never stay at the same hotel twice and always leave her wedding ring at home. This time, on this trip, she enjoys seducing Manuel, who is staying at the same boutique hotel as she is. She walks across her room naked with the curtains open, putting her body in full view of Manuel. The next day, she knocks on his room door and fireworks go off between them. He whisks her into the bedroom where he kisses her passionately then lies her on the bed, spreads her legs open and eats her bushy pussy. “Oh, fuck; you’re gonna make me cum,” Ella screams in ecstasy. She wraps her wet lips around his cock, jerking it in and out of her mouth and sucking it. She strokes his dick back and forth and admires how big it is and licking all around his shaft. Ella plays with his balls, sucking and licking on them while she strokes his dick. “I can’t wait for you to fuck me,” Ella tells him as she spits all over his dick.

She sits on his big dick, riding it cowgirl style. Manuel squeezes and spanks her ass cheeks while she rides him. He drills her twat in overdrive, pumping her pussy hard and fast, making her cum. She sucks her own pussy juices off his dick then moves into anal romance in spoon position. Manuel stuffs and stretches her rectum with his cock with deep, long strokes. He fingers her clit simultaneously until Ella cums again. After ass to mouth cock sucking, Ella wraps her ass hole around his cock cowgirl style. “It feels so good,” she screams out as he works his dick deeper inside her. Doggy banging anal style keeps Ella’s sphincter stretched and creamy. Before popping in her mouth, he fucks her ass hole in missionary position. When he pulls out, he aims his cock for her open mouth, shooting a thick load of cum that coats her tongue. “Your cum tastes amazing,” she tells him.

Scene 3: Brett Rossi and Mick Blue

Brett Rossi treats us to her first anal in this scene with Mick. When the storyline begins, we learn that Brett and her husband are in one of the most sought-after penthouses in downtown L.A. She has everything she could ever want, but her life is boring. Her husband works all the time and Brett is left home alone. She has taken to using her binoculars to people watch from the windows of her high-rise penthouse. One of her favorite subjects, Mick, has discovered she has been watching him. He decides to come up to her penthouse and join her. She opens the door dressed in her sexy lingerie. He lies her on the sofa and sucks and bites her nipples, turning Brett on. She giggles and he kisses her neck. He strips her out of her clothes and tongue fucks her cunt. Brett screams out in shivering passion with her eyes rolling back into her head. She’s on the verge of cumming from his wet tongue lashing. She does cum once he finger fucks her cunt. She pulls his pants down and smiles at his hard cock. Brett opens her mouth as Mick fucks her throat. He makes her gag and leave strings of spit hanging from his shaft.

“Fuck my little pussy with your rock hard cock,” she tells him. He sits her on his cock cowgirl style and guides her as she bounces up and down on him. She rides him slowly at first then bounces up and down on his dick hard and fast, making herself cum. Mick fingers her ass hole while she rides his dick. “Use my fucking holes,” she tells him. “I want you to break my ass hole in,” she tells him as she cums on his cock again. Before that happens, she sucks him off in 69 position, choking on his dick while Mick eats her pussy. He opens her ass hole for the first time with his cock in reverse cowgirl position and the feeling has Brett on cloud 9. “Gimme that cock,” she screams out. Balls-deep doggy style fucking deep inside Brett’s ass hole keeps her in ecstasy. “Fuck my fucking hole,” she screams out. “Make it gape,” she tells him. He cums again with Mick’s dick deep in her ass hole. Brett lies on her back for missionary up the ass then opens her mouth wide for Mick’s shooting load. He pops in her mouth, and she thanks him for fucking her ass.

Scene 4: Giselle Palmer and Chris Diamond

Giselle got in trouble for flirting with her math teacher. Her mom went nuclear and took her electronics away from her. She is grounded and stuck at home. Giselle can’t keep her eyes off of the new gardener, Chris. With her mom and dad away from the house, Giselle only has a couple hours to have her way with Chris. She’s not shy. She walks up to him and says, “Are we gonna do this or what?” She kisses him then leads him into the house for more lovemaking, massaging his cock in his pants. Chris sucks and squeezes her tits then helps her out of her skirt. “Your cock is so fucking big,” Giselle says as she strokes it back and forth. He sits on the couch and she bends over doggy style to suck him off. She likes the way it feels in her mouth. Chris fucks Giselle’s throat, making her gag each time he thrusts his dick in her mouth. Giselle sits on his cock cowgirl style and takes a hard pounding. “Keep fucking me just like that,” she moans as Chris stretches her pussy out. “Fuck me,” she screams. “Don’t stop.”

Giselle cums on his hard cock, covering it in her pussy cream. She slurps the juices up, sucking his cock right out of her pussy then she bends over on all fours for some anal. Chris squats over her ass hole and opens it up with his cock, driving it deeper and deeper inside her. He fingers her clit while stuffing her ass hole. His dick barely fits in Giselle’s tight twat. He stretches her rectum, even more, when she sits on his dick cowgirl style. “Take my fucking ass,” she tells him as he works his cock in her hole. Giselle lies on her back and spreads her ass hole open, watching Chris fuck her missionary style. Deep penetrating squat thrusting action is next, sending his shaft far down Giselle’s pooper. “All the way inside me,” she moans at him while his cock pumps her hole. Chris pulls out and shoots his load all over Giselle’s tits. She squeezes her boobs together to catch his cum then runs her fingers through it and licks it up.

Final Thoughts:

I highly recommend The Art of Anal Sex Vol. 9 with DVD cover girl Brett Rossi starring in her first anal scene. She does it with Mick Blue in a high-rise condo where her orgasms and assgasms leave her orifices gaping. Her first anal happens reverse cowgirl style where she bounces up and down on Mick’s dick until she cums. Equally as hot is the opening scene of this movie featuring an anal threesome between Lana Rhoades, Jade Nile, and Markus Dupree. The swinging couple Jade and Markus add Lana to their list of hot catches when Jade brings her home for a night of fun. Lana sucks and fucks Markus just like Jade wants her too then uses her ass hole as a receptacle for Markus’ cum in an anal creampie finale.  Ella Hughes gets fucked by the ass master, Manuel Ferrera, and Giselle Palmer takes Chris Diamond’s dick balls deep in her pooper. These are four hot, well produced anal scenes that carry the Lansky trademark for good anal sex on film.

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