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Live on newstrizhki.ru's Instagram: Mischievous Kitty

"This Kat has Cum to Play."

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Once again, newstrizhki.ru brings something fresh and new right to your front door. This is better than Uber, you don’t even have to get out of bed to enjoy this one and we do mean that you should use a sick day come July 19th. With the fall of snap-chat to the monsters on “capitol hill” looking to take away the fans' right to meet and enjoy the performers they follow in the adult entertainment industry we at newstrizhki.ru have opened up our Instagram account to the actors, models and performers of the adult world to show the fans a look into their own personal land of fantasy. This Friday marks our second Live Porn Star Takeover on Instagram when the Mischievous Kitty herself takes control and shows the fans of the adult world that are so many flavors of sexy that lie out there within the land of daydreams.


The thing I love most about a #ScoreGirl is not just the fact that they have assets that could send a man to Pluto and back on one tank of gas if you get what I am saying. No, this beauty is also a true performer. It is evident in the latest creation from the . The Shape of Beauty has become a phenomenon among fans and performers alike. Giving us a taste of the BBW genre and showing us why BBW truly stands for Boldly Beautiful Women. Her vignette with Estella Bathory, entitled: is one of the most provocative lesbian encounters that this reporter has ever seen. There are sizzle and spice to a level that is truly making fans step back and ask for seconds and that is just what this company gives you. brings out another side of kink and acting that is truly must-see for any curious porn fan. Join us this Friday, on Instagram Live at: to see the free live show and make sure to drop Kitty a line on her and tell her what you would love to see, I am sure she will have some beyond ‘mischievous” for you.

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